Department of State systematic Discrimination against Human Faith

Human Faith is an Abrahamic monotheistic Religion and we do not support culture of adultery, forced Sterilization of women’s to control papulation , Abortion, alcoholism, Smoking, drugs , racism, sexism, gambling,and sex partnership without marry for children’s health as well as good moral culture. we believe in Human Faith which is Superior then any other Faith. Slavery is also forbidden in our belief. We promote these values to improve humanity.

We would like to Request the Department of State and its all human rights and civil rights Departments, Management, to know that we are not members of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism , Buddhaism, Jainism, Sikhism. We are Human Faith or follow the religion of Human Fealty. The State Department and White House needs to be aware of this because they have often discriminated against us because of our names and our political ideologies of The People Party of Connecticut. State Department have discriminated against our members in many countries as well as here in The United States of America by denying services. IRS systematically blocks our members Tax Returens and Tax Credits and denying Jobs to members who are in Pictures or support the idea of Change or new Minorities Political Party.

Our business shutdown Lucky,s Mini Mart 37 Center Street / 8 High Street Bristol  forced to sign The Patriot Act after 911 we changed religion but discrimination continues New Britain CT Judges forced divorced and transfer the Property 511 Pine Street Bristol CT 06010, Fake telemarketing calls to scare childrens, family and members , PHH mortgage and Santander Bank would not refinances. State of Connecticut Managment should provide jobs opportunities for diversity not just for those who please them and give illegal favors based on Sex, Color and Money,  the followers to three God in 21st Century are desroying monotheistic faith. Many civilizations came and gone please Keep American Freedom as an example and stop using people wife’s by forcing innocent families just because of some Rich powerfully American wants to commit adultery.

Please stop Racism against Human Faith/ Human Fealty and The People Party of Connecticut and let us excerise freedom as Hindu, Jewish, Christians and Muslims have privileges of Job, wife, childrens, homes, businesses and political and religious freedom .

Please sign this petition for President Obama for Human Rights for upright Minorities.…/human-faith-humanity
God Bless American
The People Party of Connecticut
Americans Minorities Alliance