Who They Are

Mission Statement

The mission of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) is to work for the protection of all human rights for all people; to help empower people to realize their rights; and to assist those responsible for upholding such rights in ensuring that they are implemented.

In carrying out its mission OHCHR will:

Give priority to addressing the most pressing human rights violations, both acute and chronic, particularly those that put life in imminent peril;
Focus attention on those who are at risk and vulnerable on multiple fronts;
Pay equal attention to the realization of civil, cultural, economic, political, and social rights, including the right to development; and
Measure the impact of its work through the substantive benefit that is accrued, through it, to individuals around the world.
Operationally, OHCHR works with governments, legislatures, courts, national institutions, civil society, regional and international organizations, and the United Nations system to develop and strengthen capacity, particularly at the national level, for the protection of human rights in accordance with international norms.

Institutionally, OHCHR is committed to strengthening the United Nations human rights programme and to providing it with the highest quality support. OHCHR is committed to working closely with its United Nations partners to ensure that human rights form the bedrock of the work of the United Nations.

Who we are

1. We believe all people are entitled to freedom, peace and justice. We will do all that we can to see these rights are promoted and protected in the current century.

2. We believe any kind of negative discrimination such as racism, sexism and religious persecution are crimes against humanity. We cannot endorse sole progression of man from animal as it rejects spiritual evolution. We will respect all human kind.

3. We believe in freedom of the press and object to media censorship. We believe we have the responsibility to stay informed and the right to have resources for this available without restrictions.

4. We reject war, terrorism and arms build ups as they are plagues on mankind and the environment.

5. We support and encourage efforts to preserve and protect the environment. Air and water pollution, unbridled harvesting of fossil fuels and loss of habitat need to be stopped. We are committied to do our part by recycling and curbing wasteful habits. We recognize our responsibility to future generations in this regard.

6. We believe we must provide education worldwide in health and family planning. We must foster respect for life and accept responsibility for the offspring we create. Programs facilitating border less adoptions need to be encouraged.

7. We believe everyone is entitled to a good quality of life including clean water and air, energy availability for home and commerce and a healthy diet. Every nation and its leaders must be accountable that these needs are met.

8. We will respect all life including animal rights and insist on their protection and humane treatment in food preparation entertainment and sports.

9. We are honest in all our dealings and we respect the dignity of others. We will instill these beliefs in our children in order to promote happiness and peace.

10. We believe that the Government works best at the local level. The closer the control of the government is to its people, the more interest and control citizens hold in political matters.

11. We believe that America is a nation of a unique founding and historical experiences. Therefore, we do not believe that American institutions and our way of life should be imposed upon nations of different origins.

12. We believe that the local and or federal Government not “follows through” with anything not spelled out clearly in the Constitution.E364FE44-16BD-4E95-A8B3-ECE035A2B10C

Definition of soul


Definition of soul

Life on earth is combination of physics and chemistry that produce biological organisms. Human beings have very unique, the brain and heart make them superior from all other life. According to the book of Rabi, Soul (Ruh) is a ring of matter behind an oscillating electrical charge that keeps senses alive while the body is healthy. The 12 plates of rocks underneath our earth that rotate slowly take in and excrete energy as Sun does this movement produces oscillating electric and makes magnetic fields of positive and negative electric charge. Everything in our universe is based on dualism, such as protons and electrons, the ring that is called soul (atoms) is made of five matters: negative electrons, neutrons, godly matter, sparks and positive protons, the combination of heaven and earth.

The Sun and our Earth are the only two fusion reactors in our milky way galaxy rotated by the black hole, and of course heaven controls the black hole which is beyond imagination. The reason I am writing this note is to understand why we pray when someone dies and the reason behind 1, 3, 10 and 40th day prayers. The two matters neutrons and particles of God are the fundamental particles, they move faster than the speed of light and are responsible for making soul journey. Along with memories, neutrons are connected to the Sun fusion fields and particles of God beyond the black hole. Our Sun is responsible in many ways to support phenomena of life by taking matters out from earth and sending them back by increasing and reducing the pressure of gravity two time within 24 hours. Therefore, someone is responsible for making the Sun the way it behaves, perhaps God, he who is beyond imagination but everywhere and sends back matters of memories back to earth as he wishes.

The soul (matter) has power to appear in America and in next second appear in Iraq depends on the memories of the person who passed away the first cycle of 24 hours sphere. The third day, soul moves into other spheres beyond our universe and on the 10th day in a black hole, after five weeks or 37 days it reaches the heavens to visit the heavenly habitations which usually called the 40th day prayer. Sometimes the soul stays on earth until it’s time. According to the book, life is assign to the soul based on numerological system. Once the human body gets weak, senses start dying usually from legs to upward and light leaves from brain and eyes. Humanity is based on the body and the soul it is a theological evolution based on physics, chemistry and biology.

Ajmal Mehdi

My Father

Today my father passed away, and I really appreciate everyone who prayed for him and extended their sympathies. When I was young, he thought me to always fight for your rights/human rights. He was by my side encouraging me every step of the way. I was fortunate to have a father who was also a role model and brave man. By trade he was an artist and a friend. Mehdi

Polish Villa

Back in 1789, the Constitution that we Americans today take so for granted, had still not been ratified by all of the Colonies, much less had the First Amendment to the Constitution been adopted. George Washington, in his first presidency, decided to tour all of the New England states that fall of 1789. And on August 21 of 1790, on a trip to Rhode Island, as part of his campaign around the colonies to pass what became known as the Bill of Rights, George Washington sent his now famous letter to the Hebrew Congregation in Newport. Today 230 years after The People Party of Connecticut fight against The Patriot Act 2001, detainee treatment act of 2005 , Guantanamo Bay Act , Polish villa act, if George Washington would have been alive today he would say the bill of rights and constitution celebrates people of any faith. When policies are made based on racial and ethnic prejudices humanity suffers naturally.
The people party of Connecticut