It takes a long time to grow a tree and minutes to chop them down. I planted many trees to learn, some with the deepest roots, can hold the storm above, perhaps in faith, life and in love depending on the culture and environment.

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Sovereign immunity Vs. Minority Rights

The Sovereign Immunity Vs. Minorities

Democracy has certain rules of interpretation for the proper understanding of all its legal and illegal instruments. These basic rules are established according to the nation’s understanding of democracy. Perhaps they are simple, common rules such that you, my reader, and I can understand and apply, without having to study the law. As our constitution holds that every American citizen has a right to form an opinion and propagate that opinion and to utilize all honorable means to make his opinion the prevailing one.
Without this basic right, the liberty of an American citizen would be as insecure as that of a prisoner. Now take the constitution according to its plain reading and I defy the presentation of the anti human rights clause in the FTCA which authorizes plaintiffs to obtain justice from the Government for the torts of its officials . Thus to the sovereign immunity a legal doctrine that prohibits minority citizens from having a sovereign state into court without the blessing of the Republicans and the Democrats who are responsible for making and passing the law. A law that created fear by the undercover agents. Same members of Congress who authored the Patriot Act 2001 have proposed legislation to modify the FTCA in various respects, such as by broadening the circumstances in which a plaintiff may hold the United States liable for torts committed by authorities . Thus to the Supreme Court Dockets 11-768 the Patriot Act which only violated the rights of the minorities.

American democracy had become a boy who had no home. His parents are dead and his country would not care for him due to his pigment and religion . In order to survive he made a bower of branches for an abiding place and hunted for food. He had no clothing and that showed him as being very ragged and dirty. When privileged members of democracy passed by holding their noses he noted the jealousies from the good looking faces and decided to go away from his tormentors and become a great hunter. One night he found a canoe. He had never seen this canoe before so he jumped in it. Stepping in he grasped the paddle and pushed. Suddenly, the canoe shot into the air and he paddled above the clouds and under the moon. For a long time he went eastward and soon the canoe dropped into a river and then the boy paddled for the shore.
On this side of the river there was a great cliff that had a colorful face which looked like a man. It was at the fork of the river where this cliff stood. The boy decided to make his home on the top of the cliff so he climbed it and built a cabin. The first night there was a full moon and while he sat on the edge of the cliff he heard a voice saying ‘give me some water.’
Looking around the boy seeing no one replied ‘Why should I give you water?’

There was no answer and the boy began to fix his arrows for the next morning hunt.
After a while the voice spoke again ‘Give me some water’ and the boy took some water and threw it over the cliff the voice said ‘Now I’ll tell you a story.’
Feeling happy awaited the boy listened to a story that seemed to come directly out from trees on the cliff. Finally the voice paused because the story had ended. Then it spoke again saying it shall be the custom hereafter to present me with a small gift for my stories. So the boy gave the trees more water for another story.
The next morning the boy hunted and caught a great number of fishes and birds for food. He made soup and smoked the fish. The smell of the smoked fish went far into the valley and an old man who was hungry followed the smell and came to the boy for food. First the boy was scared of the old man who wore a white yamaka ( white hat) but then realized that the old man was hungry and wanted to eat so the boy offered him seven small smoked fishes and a bowl of soup. The old man said to the boy I have nothing to offer you but my blessing with my yamaka ( white hate) and a rosary to remember me. The old man left the cliff after eating the food .
The boy puts the yamaka (white hate ) on his head and puts the rosary around his neck to look cool. Suddenly the voice came from the cliff ‘where is my Sadiqa ( gift)’ so the boy threw a few bowls of water toward the direction from where the voice was coming perhaps the voice started and said, hereafter when I speak announcing that I shall tell a story you must use the rosary beads by saying ” Rab-e-zidni-Ilma ” in your heart so I may know you are listening you must never fall asleep when feel dizzy you must say louder these words.’ Afterward you will give me presents and I shall be satisfied with your Sadiqa ( gift) . The next morning the boy felt better and energetic as he hunted great many fishes and a deer for food.

He skinned the deer and saved the skin. That evening he was tired, fallow sleep got up early morning, he sat on the rock next to his cabin and looked at the sunrises from the East. He wondered if his friend would speak again and while thinking he started chipping some new arrows points. Suddenly as his train of thought changed, he heard the voice ‘Give me some food not water’ now the boy threw a few hunted birds and a fish into the trees.
The story begins long into the night one wonderful tale after another flowed from the trees. The boy fell asleep by listening to the story, the next morning the boy hunted far to the East and found a small village. No one knew him but they liked his yamaka (white hate). He soon found many friends. There were some hunters who offered to teach him how to hunt big game, and they went with him to his own camp on the cliff. At night he allowed them to listen to the stories that came from the trees but he was the only one who could speak to the trees and stories began when the boy was present at the cliff. Therefore, the boy had many friends with him to hunt and spent time gaining knowledge.

He kept giving water and food to the trees to gain knowledge through stories. One day he made a new suit from the deer skin and desired to obtain decorated leather. Therefore he went to the village and found one house where a young girl lived with her parents who saw her suited for work . As soon as he knocked on the door the girl spoke up and said ‘here is your leather strips to finish the suit. I have been waiting for you to come for them.’ The mother spoke saying ‘I now perceive that my future son-in-law has passed through the door and is here.’ The boy was surprised, thought he was dreaming and punched himself. Thereafter the young lady brought bread and cup of water and asked ‘my mother greatly desires that you should marry me.’ The boy looked at the girl and very satisfied, ate the bread and drank water.

The boy stayed at the house and married the girl. Perhaps a few villagers were jealous from his yamaka (white hate) that represented knowledge and because the young man married the most beautiful girl from that village. They acted in an evil manner towards the young man and one night the bride said to her husband ‘we must go away from here the villagers will kill you because you have different religion and pigment.’ The young bride and groom arose on the cliff. Soon the trees spoke and said Life on earth is a combination of physics and chemistry that produce biological organisms. You have a good heart and an important soul from your progeny to understand journey the voice said , Soul is a ring of matter stuck in an oscillating electrical charge that keeps the senses alive and the plates of rocks underneath your feet rotate slowly, take in and excrete energy as the Sun produces oscillating electric and makes magnetic fields of positive and negative electric charge around earth to give and take matters . Day and night , man and women good and bad is based on dualism of physics , such as protons and electrons, the ring that is called soul (atoms) is made of five matters: negative electrons, neutrons, godly matter, sparks and positive protons, the combination of heaven and the earth voice paused for a minute from the thunder and lightning .

Spoke again and said the answer of your thought is hidden in gravity. It moves certain matters faster than the speed of light and responsible for making soul journeys along with the good and bad memories, neutrons are connected to the Sun fusion fields and particles of Almighty to the heavenly habitats. The Sun is responsible for increasing and reducing pressure of gravity twice a day and works as a transformer. Your earth gravity holds the clouds, trees upright and oceans balance, therefore, someone is responsible for this beautiful accident of creation through you, me and others.

Human beings are in the center of all creation to appreciate free will that blinks in the brain, heart and body from oscillating electrical charge initiated before the creation of nature.

The bride was not surprised and said this same sound told my parents about you should appear to get leather strips and marry your daughter to him.
The young man was surprised thanks to the voice that came from trees for the beautiful story . All winter long the couple stayed in the cabin on the cliff and heard all the wonder tales of human history. The young boys brain was full of stories with a lot of knowledge. As springtime came the bride said we must now go east to your own people and you should become a great man. Perhaps the boy was sad and said well in my own country am an outcast and called by many names. The bride laughed saying nevertheless we should go east. They collected a few important items the young couple seated themselves into the canoe and reached east. Together they walked to the village wearing nice clothing looking handsome. People from the village came out to see the new couple. The boy told villagers that I’m the boy whom you once were accustomed to call an outcast, aborted child because of my beliefs I have now returned again for human rights.

Covid-19 and brutal death of George Floyd devastating American public , lawmakers and government officials . According to my belief anyone who holds the authority should be held to a higher standard because at the end matter returns to the almighty lord.

The people party of Connecticut
By Ajmal Mehdi

Political Biases Impact on Minor political movement

Since 2003 I have been observing how strong the impact of political biases can be in America from a city , state and federal level. It is not only hurting American progress Perhaps it is making independent and minor political activist nervous in regards to income, education, victimization, occupational status, business opportunities , happiness and sometimes violence. All the Legal and illegal tools of federal and state courts are available for the Republicans and the Democrats to enjoy freedom of political power from appointment of judges, to the judicial decision making and litigation.
America Supposed to be the nation of laws from the judicial power without any political influence . My City, State and the Supreme Court cases I argued that defendants are very powerful City, State and federal officials who are benefiting from their positions . I am alone independent political activist and victim of discrimination because of my slogan of change for the voters registrar office’s in America for fair elections.


2012 Elections Media didn’t give any coverage of any minor and independent political candidate
Lucky’s Mini Mart was forced closed by the City Management

The United States of America

The United States of America 

Our power and influence are felt throughout the world because our domestic policy is to give people opportunities to improve their lives, respect human rights and freedom . Our foreign diplomacy is to enhance knowledge of people towards the realities of the 21st century . Perhaps America is the most influential country in the world because of our music, movies, food, fashion and breaking news yet we have serious problems from our political gridlock which has hijacked the most important goals of domestic and foreign policies.

The policies that were followed at the time of Mr. Henry Kissinger helped until Ms. Madeleine Albright . The leadership from both sides used undiplomatic gestures to turn the domestic and foreign matters into crisis after crises. Last December 2019 the Covid 19 made it very clear that we must reshape our future strategy to deal with the realities by holding the values and principles of democracy. 

“ America’s purpose and creed is in domestic unity and for the future diplomacy “

I am not the Republican or the Democrats Perhaps what is right for America The people party of Connecticut 

By Ajmal Mehdi

I am not Black or White, perhaps I am a human being

I am not Black or White, perhaps I am a human being

FBI Headquarters
935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20535-0001
January 20th 2020

I am not Black or White I am an American

This letter is regarding the business opportunities from the Justice department when they closed our businesses. They did not notice that after 9/11 we were unjustifiably forced out of our businesses and even now the small business administration, IRS do not help. There is no easy way to reestablish credit after you forced to file for bankruptcy for political activism . African Americans are crying because they have been facing this crisis for hundreds of years. These protests are simple example of how we were treated after 9/11. After signing the Patriot act I filed cases against city, state and federal governments to get justice but every case was denied because their mission is not to help America or Americans who are diverse. Majority of Caucasian Americans have a psychological problem against people who specks for Human Rights and justice perhaps they block the roads of minorities to prosper in America . I would request the DOJ to reopen the case and let us reestablish our credit and business. It’s hard to feed a family these days after Covid-19. How do you apply for loans in this economy and reestablish your business. America spent trillions of dollars on small minor things but fails to help who deserve the most which is why they fail to get a blessing from the God of Abraham.

American story reminds me of the story of Elie Wiesel, when he was a teenager in 1944 his family was taken to Aushwitz. He suffered all his life with the memory of death and destruction and he spoke about humanity until he died because of the unbearable pain that was created at the time of the Nazi dictatorship. America should not follow those footsteps oh history that create chaos for certain people but not for the majority. I believe human Faith is the light of humanity, and my suffering started when I had meetings in the libraries about human faith and political activism for freedom and justice in Bristol Connecticut . Justice is to change laws on statute of limitations to compensate those who’ve struggled otherwise there is no option but to get asylum to another country .

The people party of Connecticut
Mehdi LLC
Human Faith for Humanity .

Muhammed Ali Clay

The Greatest

Muhammad Ali was born Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr on January 17, 1942 and passed away June 3, 2016. Today on 3rd June 2020 his fourth anniversary he was 74 years old. Ali was one of the greatest sportsman , activist, and philanthropist. The Greatest was his nickname , he is widely regarded as one of the most significant and celebrated sports figures of the 20th century and as one of the greatest boxers of all time as well as social activist. Recite a Fatiha for Mohammed ali we used the same mosque in Brooklyn New York .

“I am America. I am the part you won’t recognize. But get
used to me. Black, confident, cocky; my name, not yours;
my religion, not yours; my goals, my own; get used to me.”
― Muhammad Ali

Written by Mehdi
The people party of Connecticut52FC4208-6BD1-4E85-B4CC-14EE19D29A45



Journalists moral goal is to achieve truth and knowledge through peaceful process to reach light and sometimes it’s not easy to report crises and protests . Truth guarantees the success and did almost all the great movements in the world . This very awareness is in fact justice comes from fair journalism. In this presents time of social media has added significance and is regarded as the life line of future.

Where freedom of expression holds supreme authority people enjoy life happiness . Social media has a wide impact on the minds and opinions of the people. My concept of journalism for a journalist is by imagining an angle working for the God to find the truth for justice .

Journalism must be protected for democracy. journalist responsibility to be truthful and fair not only those with teams of reporters but individual reporters as well. The true historians were the journalists who wrote the stories that come to us . I have many journalist friends who lost their jobs due to the tech revolution and the death of print media, if anyone wants to assist them then just buy a newspaper to support freedom that we enjoy in America.

Written by Ajmal
The people party of Connecticut


عورت کا مقام

عورت کا مقام

مين شميشه انگلش مين لکھتا ھون کينونکے ميرا زياده وقت انگريزون مين گزرا . انگريزون کی ترقی کا راز تعليم اور عورت کی آذادی ھے . اور اس آزادی کے غلط مطلب کی وجه سےبھت سی اسي بھی عورتين ھين جن کی وجھہ سے شادی کا رواج ختم ھو رها ھے اور بچون کو باپ کا کچھ پتا نہين کون اور کہان ھے ۔ اسی وجہ سے کچھ ليدز اور لوگ ڀرشان ھين ۔ عورتيں نيکيون کا منبع اور سر چشمہ ھين جو اک تہزيب کو پروان کرتين ھين ۔ اور اگر خدانخواسته کسی قوم کی عورتين ايسی ھون جو عورت کے مقام کو اعلی رتبے سے زوالِ اسانيت کی تربيت کريں تو وہ معاشرے ختم ھو جاتے ھيں۔ عورت انسانيت کا مظهر ھے اورايک اچھے مرد کی پرورش کر سکتی ھے۔

گوروں مين ٹکنالجی کے غلط استمال اور مسملانوں ميں اسلام کی غلط تعليم کی وجه سے عورتوں کو نہايت ہی پست مقام تک پہنچا ديا گيا ھے
۔ پاکستان کی عورت کے ساتھ سب سے بڑی غداری اسلام کی غلط تعليم اور عورت کی تعليم ھے جو بچوں کی پرورش کيليے بہت ضروری ھے۔ پاکستان کو بنانے والے کی بہن جس کی وجہ سے ملت کو تقويت ملی اور پاکستان بنا آج اسکی باتيوں کو کوئ ياد نہيں کرتا ۔ پوری قوم گوری ھو چکی ھے ۔ نيوز انکی، فيشن انکا ، براعياں انکی مگر مسلماڼ سب هيں اور وہ بھی ايسے کہ کبھی سعوديوں کے ديوانے تو کبھی ايرانيون کے ليکں پاکستان کے۔ ميری نظر ميں وه قوميں کبھی ترقی نھيں کرتيں جو اپنے ملک سے مخلص نه ھوں۔ يہ گورے کتنے ھی برے ھوں مگر جھوٹ نہيں بولتے يہی وجہ ھے جو ان کی ترقی کی اور يہ اپنے ملک کے وفادار ھيں ۔
جسں طرح مسلمان مرد کے ليے ضروری ھے کہ برايوں سے دور رہے اسی طرح پاکستانی عورتوں پر بھی لازم ھے کہ وہ اپنا محلول برايوں سے صاف رکھيں۔

ميری ماں مجھے بچپں ميں يہ شعر سناتی تھی

چهوٹ االله کے نام پر ھو جہاں. وہاں انصاف ھو نہيں سکتا


جنت ماں کے قدموں تلے

جنت ماں کے قدموں تلےB1C32560-1DA6-4290-8E07-6964B77D9AE5

يہ ايک حقيقت هے کہ وہ انساں جنتی ھو گا جسں کو اس کی ماں اسے دعائیں دے۔ يہ حضرت فاطمه بنتِ اسد كئ دعائیں تھہيں جن کی وجہ سے ايک بيٹا نبی اور دوسرا امام بنا۔ اگر ماں کی آغوش سے بہتريڼ تربيت کا آغاز ہو جاے تو پغيمبر اکرم صلی اللہ ُعليہ وآلہ وسلم کی صورت ميں “ اسلام “ اور قائيدِ عاظم محمد علی جناح کی صورت ميں “ پاکستان “ اس دنيا کے نقشے پر چھاتے ھيں ۔ يہی وہ نظام ھے جو انسانيت کی بھلائ اور فلاح کر سکتا ھے۔ ايک انساں کی اچھائی اور برائی کی تربيت اس کی ماں کے پيٹ سے شروع ھوتی ھے۔

الحمد للّٰہ پاکستان نے سب سے پہلے ايک عورت کو اس کابل بنايا جسں نے دنيا ميں اسلام اور پاکستان کا نام روچن کيا ۔ ميں وينا آسٹریا کی ايک ليبرری ميں تھا جہاں پر ايک ورکر نے بينضير بھٹو کی تعريف کی جو بہت استحکامت کا باعث بنی اور شرمندگی اس وقت ھوئی جب کچھ عورتوں کو بھيک مانگتے ديکھا جنھوں نے اسلامی لباس پہن رکھا تھا۔ پاکستان اور ھندوستاں کی عورت اس دنيا ميں بہت بہتر ھے ۔ ايک اچھی بيوی ھونے کے علاوہ اس کا مادری کرداربنيادی اہميت رکھتا ھے يہی وجہ ھے کے آج دنيا ميں پاکستان اور ھندوستاں کے لوگ فحاشی اور عريانی ميں کم ھيں۔ دنيا کے کئی ملکوں ميں سفر کرکے مجھے يہ اساس ھوا ھے کے ھندوستاں نے تعليم پر بہت توجہ دی برمودا کے ھسپتالوں سے لے کر عراق تک کے ھسپتالوں ميں ھندوستانی ڈاکٹرز ملے جن ميں عورتيں بھی تھيں۔

پاکستان کا نہ تو کوئ دشمن ھے اور نہ ہی کوئ دوست اگر کوئ اس ملک کے کام آ سکتا ھے تو وہ اس قوم کی عورت کی عزت اور تعليم ھے ۔ عورت کی تعليم سے ھی پاکستان رشوت خوروں ، لٹيروں اور تين سو ساٹھ خاندانوں سے نجات پا سکتا ھے جو کبھی خانہ کابا ميں بت تھے اور اب پاکستان ميں جاگيردار ۔

اللہ تعالی آپ تمام پکستانی خواتين کو حضرت فاطمہ کے کردار پے چلنے کی توفيق دے۔

پاکستان زندہ باد

Ali Ibn Abu Talib

Ali Ibn Abu Talib

Syed Mohammed Hussain Tabataba’i argues that humans have a god given nature that requires them to have proper leadership in the form of an Imam and that imam Ali was the natural choice to be the first Imam since was was born in Kabba.

Syed Mohammed Hussain Tabataba’i emphasizes this notion on his book of Shiite Islam page 173 when he states that Islamic society is in dire need of guidance and the person who occupies the function of giving that guidance and is the leader of the community, must be appointed by God and the Prophet. Naturally, he is describing the Imam Ali. The Imam is not only a guiding figure, but also a sinless, inerrant individual who preserves the divine message and saves everyone from sin. Clearly this is unlike most leaders today.The imam not only has a leadership role in the political sense but also one in the religious. While he maintains an orderly society, he also has to maintain the religiosity within it. His people must not falter from the Islamic path.

To Tabataba’i the Imam is on the same level as the prophet in that they are both perfect not only spiritually but also in their religious preaching’s. They are however different in the sense that while there doesn’t always have to be a prophet, an Imam is constantly here. The idea that there is always a sinless individual among us who is the ideal example of man in his virtues, actions and religious duties is rather hard to believe. This is mainly because a human who is perfect in every sense sounds too good to be true. We strive for this level of perfection but we are aware it is unattainable. This is most likely why the current Imam isn’t even technically visible . Imam Mahdi is in this occultation state that allows him to spiritually be present on earth at all times but not physically. As a result, it is easier to believe in him. It’s only in human nature to have faith in something we can’t see or prove. And this blind faith is what’s keeping Shia Islam strong.

Syed Mohammed Hussain Tabataba’i strongly believes that Ali ibn Abi Talib was the first imam appointed by the prophet Mohammad to be in charge after he passed. Along with various Quranic verses, he also utilizes basic logical reasoning to defend this view. For example, on page 175 on his book it is mentioned how the prophet believed in the idea of succession. Whenever he left Medina, he made sure to appoint someone to be in charge while he was away. If he did this for the small periods of time he was away, it only makes sense for him to have chosen someone for the longest one too: his death. Clearly the prophet agreed with the notion that society at all times needs a leader to keep the faith alive. It is illogical to think that the prophet would have died without choosing a successor mainly because the faith was not supposed to die with him. It would have lived by the hands of the appointed individual. This appointed individual was Imam Ali.

Imam Ali had always been the prophet’s right hand man and was chosen by him to be in charge during his absence on multiple occasions. He was among the first family of Ahlalbayt and a guardian of the faith with Syeda Fatima. On the night of the migration from Mecca to Medina, Imam Ali put his life on the line and slept in the prophet’s bed so the prophet could escape for Miraj. This shows just how deeply his existence was devoted to the service of prophet and for the defense of Islam, the duty of keeping the faith alive would fall to him. It is also important to note that Imam Ali was the prophet’s cousin and son in law. Bloodline holds great importance in Abrahamic faith ,If not Ali, who was blood related and married to Prophet Muhammad’s favorite daughter Syeda Fatima.

This logical reasoning is perhaps the strongest defense for Syed Mohammed Hussain Tabataba’i argument of Ali being the prophet’s successor. A much weaker defense was his use of Quranic verses. This is mainly because the verses utilized to prove Ali’s caliphate are almost too convenient. They can easily tie into any issue if read from a specific perspective, not just the issue of succession. For example, the verse “Your friend [wali] can be only Allah; and His messenger and those who believe, who establish worship and pay the poor-due, and bow down (in prayer)” is connected to Ali’s action of giving charity to a poor man. When Imam Ali witnessed a person in need asking for assistance during prayer time, Imam gave away his ring in an effort to help the poor man. The prophet observed this, compared Imam Ali to Aaron, Moses’s brother, and announced Imam Ali to be his vizier/helper. It is quite possible that Imam Ali wasn’t the only good soul helping out the needy during the prayer. More than likely, other people also gave charity during prayer but remained unnoticed by the prophet. Even if the prophet did witness other chartable deeds, he didn’t openly praise the various donors and claim them to be the Aarons to his Moses due to their keen nature. They also all weren’t Allah’s messengers. This verse could be applied to anyone who gives charity during prayer but it is only specific to Ali mainly because he was the prophet’s favorite.

Although there are many arguments in favor of Imam Ali being the first Imam and many against it, the strongest ones are those based off of basic logic. It only makes sense for Imam Ali to be the first Imam because he was the closest to the prophet. Prophet Muhammad had given Imam Ali many names
perhaps Abu Turab was a well-known name such as the Lion of God. The name Abu Turab came from the creation of mankind from clay. In the early years in Medina, whenever Imam Ali worked as a manual laborer making clay, hauling stones and water with other workers, he established an image of a champion of working people. Once, while praying in between work break, a sandstorm was raging blowing dust, everyone witnessed that Imam Ali stood still deep in meditative prayer Prophet Mohammed PBUH said) انتا ابو تراب يا علی) called Abu Turab. evolution begins from clay which is the reason in Shi’a Islam a small clay tablet is placed in front of prayer rug that touches the forehead to remind that biological body was created from clay with the heavenly soul and both returns from the temporary journey .

Prophet Mohammed pbuh was about to write what he had indicated three months before to his last pilgrimage to Mecca in his will “ Ahlalbayt “ he sensed that he would never see Mecca again his words were , The time approaches when I shall be called away by God and I shall answer that call, I am leaving you with two precious things and if you adhere to both of them, you will never go astray. They are the Quran the book of Allah and my family , the people of the House , Ahlalbayt .

The two shall never separate from each other until they come to me by the pool of Paradise. It was March 10th in the year 632 the caravan of returning pilgrims had stopped for the night at the spring water hole known “ Ghadir Khumm some said The pole of Kümme. It was a junction point in the middle of western Arabia desert for people going to Medina and returning from Mecca.

The evening of March 10th had very special feeling for Prophet Mohammed he called that night لیلة القدر the night of decree Imam Ali had returned from a mission to the Yemen. It was perfect time for Prophet to honor his protégé. A platform was raised with palms branches on top of them camel saddles placed after prayer he climbed on top and called Ali to climb alongside reaching his hand out to pull him up and holding his hand high in his own in front of the thousands of people and said.

He of whom I am the master, of him Ali is also the master, Prophet Mohammed said “ God be the friend of he who is his friend, and the enemy of he who is his enemy. Prophet sensed that Ali his daughter and grandchildren would be alone to face the enemies of Islam. The imam who was born in the kabba was crucified on 19th of Ramadan.

Early in the morning he walked to the mosque in Kufa to fast for Ramadan and setup rugs for others who would join the prayer , the assassin was hiding in the mosque and as soon Imam Ali started the first prayer of the day the assassin cowardly attacked from the behind as the Imam shouted slowly while laying down “do not let that man escape” so other worshipers rushed behind the assailant and held him. Imam Ali said there would be no revenge, no mutilation. Imam Ali’s wound was not been fatal but the poison smeared on the sword had done its work.

Imam Hasan and Imam Hussein washed their fathers body, rubbed it with herbs and myrrh and shrouded it in three robes. Imam Ali had instructed them to do so as they set his body on his favorite riding camel and gave it free reign.

Perhaps forty years before Prophet Mohammed had given his camel free reign to determine where the mosque would be built in Medina, where it halted, that would be where the mosque was constructed. Now another sainted animal would determine where Imam Ali would be buried and a new City would be recognized in the world. The camel was walking slowly as though it knew its burden and was weighed down by grief. It knelt six miles east of Kufa atop a barren sandy rise meaning Najaf in Arabic.

I contribute this article to the victims of religious and political freedom .

By Ajmal Mehdi CBF167D8-D30C-4FB8-B05C-A229CA560D4E