Legislative & Executive power

DEMOCRACY : The legislative and executive power in any democracy of the world has right to direct how force of democracy should be employed for preserving the community and members of Minorities .

The matter of The Patriot Act is that it exempts themselves from obedience to the laws they make in both its making and executing to their own private advantage. Thus to me this is the end of Democracy. Therefore a question arises that in a well ordered democracy where the good of the whole society is so considered as it ought, the legislative power is put into the hands of diverse minorities who suffer from the law. Who lost businesses, health, family and proprieties just because of Islam.

In any democratic society laws are ought to be designed for the good of all citizens. Such as raising the taxes of property or eminent domain laws with the consent of the Citizens not just selected few who fallows the old ideologies of Nam-rod and pharaoh by keeping Fathers and Sons in slavery. The idols of money, color and sex are powerful gods of many Americans by controlling through Insurance and mortgage companies and by distributing jobs to all but monotheistic believer.

The fundamental law of nature that represents Freedom or free will is based on Democratic values. God or nature never allows a man to abandon himself. Human Beings are not allowed to take their own life neither this power given to private busses and State legislative or executive powers.

Then why is The Patriot Act in a democratic society. Thus, innocent people have no other remedy in this law as in many other laws of discrimination based on religion and political idealism.

The fundamental law of nature has thought man that where they have no Judge on earth or justice in democratic society then appeal to heaven for the rulers in such matter for injustice.

By reading and understanding the new rules of American Republicans and Democrats legislative and executive power this is absolute monarchies here as well as other governments who copycat our laws.

Sometime I wondered, God having made Man with such an intelligent mind that in his own judgment it was not good for him to suffer and live in society, with different languages, cultures , family , justice and freedom of free well.

I know as long as I write about laws of nature, religion, politics and freedom am not allowed to have job and opportunities in America Perhaps my trust in God will bring justice.

Thus The Patriot Act. and slavery in 2018.


Confusion of Judiciary


Confusion of Judiciary

The people party of Connecticut members philosophy pull themselves into libraries worldwide to discuss unity of minds, purpose and the future of the democracy along with religious and environmental challenges. The March 21st 2017 meeting of Abraham Lincoln library in Karachi Pakistan . Dr. Rizwan wrote a poem about “truth” and how to find and defend it while the political and religious leaders are holding greed and corruption on one hand and revolutionary speech’s on the other to control power and defying truth.
In recent days we the people have become deeply concerned of our democracy by watching Senate Judiciary Committee interview of Mr. Brett Kavanaugh and doubts by the people and the elected officials.

Over the past several decades we have noticed how these founding insights and principles of justice, ethics , religious and political matters have fared in the hands of the major political parties along with the United States Supreme Court Justices . It troubling for me to see gradually weakening of ethics in America. We believe for a strong common national law based on “ truth “ in the face of grim bigotry of powers . It is essential for Justice. Unsurprisingly the first political crisis of appointment on justice emerges in September 2018, the last time in the 1800’s when John Adams appointed many Supreme Court justices, most of them were hostile toward Thomas Jefferson ideologies and Jefferson tried to remove them by impeachment, Justice Samuel Chase was impeached by Jefferson, this reminds me that the judicial branch was better 200 years ago than present day.

God Bless America
The People Party of Connecticut

The politics of revenge

The politics of revenge

The People Party of Connecticut is a voluntary organisation of minorities formed after the tragedy of 9/11 due to the hate crimes that occurred against minorities and against the Patriot Act of 2001, which took liberties and created fear of Government. Unfortunately, since 2003 members are facing widening income gap and discrimination in the distribution of income, some party members went from being in middle class Americans to the most unequal among Americans racial and ethnic minorities. Many of the People Party members believe in Human Faith for Humanity, in which collecting welfare to feed families is against prophet Ibrahim belief left the State and moved to different parts of America to find work and decided not to go on food stamps and other welfare assistance of Government. Few who are still in Connecticut are out of business surviving by driving taxis or working at the gas station, grocery stores, liquor stores as a cheep labour.

Growing up in democracy everyone thinks that it’s easy to start a political party but unfortunately phenomenon of color, culture, religion and totalitarian way of old parties monopolies power and minor ideologies are not allowed even to exist . Such States are called Democratic and Republican friendship.
Political parties are necessary in a democracy otherwise public opinion cannot be organised and expressed . Human activities cannot be efficient without organisation and leadership, whether it be a family of two members , factory of three employees, army, or state. Perhaps Some form of direction is always needed to be efficient. America is known for it’s two party system in which almost all active members have decent jobs based on party affiliation . According to an analysis of data by the research institute of America , thousands Republicans and thousands Democrats are crazy rich mostly through the political connections and relationships in between party members.

How could a minor new political ideology would survive in the environment in which our businesses are shut down ,our properties are taken, fraudulently using our credit and monies , mortgages are increased without notices, forced to sign acts. Warrant are issued by IRS or any government department who doesn’t like diversity. It’s extremely difficult to sustain party members and to add new members to raise party funds to select suitable members for party positions election to formulate policies and programmes and launch propaganda campaigns.

Our library meeting are done out of State or even sometimes overseas because of fear of losing jobs and freedom. The People Party of Connecticut is the mere consequence of a minority who barely comprehends the complex system and rules of campaign finance laws, the law that allows who can and can’t go to the Office of the Secretary of the State to submit documents. laws attempting to get involved in State and municipal politics in an effort to branch out. We regret not acquiring a better understanding of the rules/regulations state by state and city by city. However, new immigrants whom first have to struggled with English would not be part of democratic process unless given opportunities, We have to say that the political sphere, even at the municipal level, is designed so its easily accessible only to those who reap the benefits of being born and raised in this country and part of Republicans and Democrats families. When people like us choose to get involved and create political party they struggle and at the first opportunity are hit with fines , tickets, bills for breaking a law they barely understood or even knew existed.

We wish to run in the elections again in 2020 and like the support of minorities of America . As a minority to enhance democracy for human fealty.

The people party of Connecticut

We the people of Character


We the people of Character

The present federal government of America came into existence on April 30, 1789. In 1776 the thirteen colonies were joined against England and declared their independence. the name became the Confederation of States. The Confederation wasn’t working well for the future of America. It had no power to compel the member States to act according to what the Confederation wanted and congress consisted of the delegates from the member States who could only recommend ideas but it was up to the State to accept. Basically the States retained their sovereignty and in 1785 States didn’t have central Judiciary . After few years because of many legal issues a Central Government was established to meet for the common requirements of the States. The first convention for the purpose of a Constitution was called in Philadelphia in 1787. This new Constitution was originally the Constitution of Connecticut modified for Central Government and it came into effect for first thirteen colonies . That was the reason Connecticut is remembered as the “ Constitution State of America since 1787 “

The United States at this time Consisting of 50 States including unincorporated organised and unorganised territories .

Many important powers are given to the Federal Government while all other powers are vested in the States. The federal government “ President “ appoints the Supreme Court Justices which is one of the most important and powerful position . When the Constitution was written, life expectancy was around 40 years; it’s now more than double that. In fact, life tenure gives justices the perverse incentive to stay on the court until a President with whom they tend to agree is in the White House – meaning some justices keep their seat until the “right” person is elected to the White House . Republicans President nominated 13 of the the past 17 Justices to serve on the Supreme Court. Justices responsibilities are to enhance America by protecting the liberties of Citizens , defending the Constitution of the United States by legislation from unjust or discriminatory State legislation and finding VI RI TAS . Justice is the ideal morally correct state of things and matter and timing is the essential in the matter of Justice as victim of Justice Docket 11-768 of Supreme Court of the United States I believe term limitations are extremely important.

In 1789 the constitution was very brief, consisting of Seven articles. It was brief and simple because it was based on the fundamental principles and didn’t have details amended according to the needs so congress can decide and do amendments. The Supreme Court of the United States was created by the original constitution of 1789 but the rest of the federal judiciary is the work of congress. It’s congress who created the executive departments, functions, organization of work flow even appointing and distribution of power. Over the years American Constitution has become one of the most complicated Constitution because of the 1st + 2nd Amendment 5th Amendment and 13th Amendment . Switzerland constitution is complicated because of many languages and cultures as well as India’s constitution because of length and confusions of languages ,The United Kingdom doesn’t have written Constitution only references of past experiences is one of The oldest and wisest system for the educated people.

The procedure of amending our Constitution, making it more complicated, Perhaps the forefathers were busy on the theory of Separation of Powers and believed in the liberty of the people and give the Presidential system to divide power because of this the President have executive power and not responsible to the legislature. While the legislature power is in the hands of Congress, Judicial powers are vested in the Supreme Court. The proposed was for the “ Checks and Balances” The President enjoys the Veto Powers and judicial power which appoints the Supreme Court Justices. The concern we have in America is that the Supreme Court is very supreme in theory and practice because of the “ judicial review “ this means Supreme Court Justices can declare any law passed by the congress or State legislature to be unconstitutional if Justices finds that the law violates any provision of the constitution. An example, The Patriot Act of 2001 is unconstitutional but Supreme Court Justice are politically appointees can’t do much as Abraham Lincoln had said that The “Character is more important then the color of a Judge for Justice “

Thus the Patriot Act Docket 11-768 Mehdi Vs. America

The people party of Connecticut
Written by Ajmal

Humanitarian Crisis in Yaman

Humanitarian Crisis of Yaman

The Hejaz region of the Arabian Peninsula was part of Yaman , which includes the cities of Mecca and Medina. This type of script was Hejazi already in use at the time of the emergence of Islam. It was one of the earliest scripts, along with Mashq and Kufic similar to ancient Aramaic alphabet that produced Syriac Aramaic , Farsi and Urdu.
Yemen is one of the oldest canters of civilisation in the Near East. Yaman reminds me a woman holding a stylised sheaf of wheat, a symbol of fertility in ancient Yemen before Islam. Whenever I read about humanitarian crisis makes me wonder are we reached to the point that we should call ourselves human beings. I would request all who have children to speak out against Yaman and Palestine crisis .

Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut accused the United States of complicity in Yemen’s humanitarian crisis by saying: “Thousands and thousands inside Yemen today are dying. This horror is caused in part by our decision to facilitate a bombing campaign that is murdering children and to endorse a Saudi strategy inside Yemen that is deliberately using disease and starvation and the withdrawal of humanitarian support as a tactic. In July 7th 2018, a 25% increase of severe hunger cases in Yemen compared to 2017 has been reported. Perhaps thousands of children are suffering due to the absolute deprivation of just basic needs is embarrassing for me and off course not for the United States and for the leaders of G 7 nation’s too busy with GPDs and Unemployment.

Is this China responsibility again to help like they are helping in some African nations . I would like The United Nation take stand for the innocent victims regardless of color, creed and culture . I believe in Human Faith is heavenly light of knowledge restriction on sacred light is eclipse on humanity and blasphemy.
The people Party of Connecticut
Mehdi LLC