Libraries in 21st Century 

Library facilities are a crucial part of America’s infrastructure. The 17,000 public libraries nationwide have more combined square footage than 30 Pentagon buildings – and billions of dollars in assessed facilities’ needs. They must not be left out of the effort to modernize our nation’s infrastructure.

Libraries are an essential lifeline to members of our community in need, providing access to Wi-Fi and internet hotspots to those in rural and underserved areas, access to computers and other digital resources, and opportunities to develop valuable skills at any age. As America’s libraries begin to recover from the hardships of the COVID-19 pandemic,

we need healthy buildings and modern equipment to meet our communities’ needs. It’s time to modernize libraries with the tools to help all Americans compete in the 21st century global economy.We Request other Governments such as the Government of Iran , Israeli, KSA, Qatar, Maracco,  Egyptian,  Turkey, India and Pakistan to modernize public libraries and spread libraries network in the areas where young children can grow knowledge according to the time . 

Sincerely Americans Minorities Alliance — with The Human Rights.

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