Christmas Light

Christmas Light

Isa Ibn Mariam was a Saint of earth with the miracle of the healing power from the lord of Abraham pbuh. One day he was walking down a muddy road and a man started following him to know the secrets of healing power . A poor kid wearing a white Yamaka “ cap “ asked Isa to go help his father who is ill. They walked behind the kid and got to his home to heal his father. Isa touched his cane to the sick man and prayed for his health and left the house.

At noon they sat down under a tree to eat and rest. Few other followers of the day were hungry also. Everyone took their pieces of bread out and put them down on a small cloth to eat together. The Wiseman who started following him to know the secrets had three pieces of bread but took only one out to save the other two because of greed. Isa looked in his eyes and ignored him because other faithful followers were there.

Couple hours went by and a man came from a different village to get help for his wife who had a fever. Isa went there and put his hand on her forehead, prayed and left the house. The followers were waiting outside due to strict privacy of family.

At night they rested in one of his follower homes. During the night while everyone was sleeping the Wiseman took Isa’s cane because prophet Moses carried the cane and thought that the healing power was in the piece of wood. He walked all night long to get to a village where a wealthy man was sick to cure him and to get a big reward from his sons.

Time went by quickly the Wiseman told guards at the gate that their master is sick; he is here to cure him from sickness. They took him into the palace. The pharaoh sons were amazed and happy that their father will be healthy again. The Master was very sick laying down on the bed taking his last breaths as soon as Wiseman touched him with the cane passed away.

The angry sons hung him and threw his body outside. All villagers got together trying to identify his body. Isa Ibn Mariam was walking by and heard the news and went there with a couple of followers and put his right hand on the Dead man’s forehead and prayed to God of Abraham for his life.

He got up, confessed and apologized. Isa asked him how many pieces of bread he had yesterday at lunch time. Wiseman started crying and told him three and asked for forgiveness. Jesus told him that a kind word, even a smile, is charity and the best form of Charity is feeding the hungry. You kept that piece of bread because of greed but didn’t know that you would be hanged and wouldn’t be able to eat that bread you saved.

Humanity is suffering because greed multiplies and creates chaos in society .

Covid-19 is doing a lot of damage physically, emotionally, psychologically and economically to the poorest of the world . The richest 20 % of people account for 90 % of consumption while the poorest 20 % account for 1 % and 12 % of humanity is responsible for 88 % of human resources such as medicine, water, oil and the best diet. The labyrinth political ideologies of the wealthiest 20 % with the current leadership in many nations is responsible for these crises. In 2020 almost 1.7 billion people are living in absolute poverty at just about $ 1.00 a day or even less due to Covid crisis and internal conflicts.

A report from veterinary service data indicates the richest of the 30 % human population spend an average of $ 4.90 cent per day on 1.7 billion pets while some human beings suffer just for basic food and medicine .

I have few friends whose parents died in nursing homes and they were not able to say goodbye. While they are living in big mansions, driving SUVs to please society and egos, but their own mothers, fathers.

Years ago a hud hud sang his hymn to Sulman, that man can fly with his spirit across the deserts and oceans . Prophet Muhammad visited paradise and Jerusalem on a flying horse while Ali slept on his bad. And Isa visited the Kabba, to complete the convent of Abraham. But science argues the credibility of events while they know we are going into the same hole. These are true events of the recent past that ring a bell in the memory of those who have lost their history in the race of greed from Pakistan to America.

God Blesses Humanity
The people party of Connecticut
Mehdi LLC
Human Faith Project

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