Liberte & Eglite

Liberte & egalite

When Thomas Jefferson lived in France he believed that “Truth” would be lost from the music of Rousseau struggle of democracy of change if the meaning of liberty and equality would change into music of  greed nd power . This call of freedom and equality was naturally appealing to founding fathers of America.  Jefferson was an orthodox as Thomas Paine was and favored a little change every 15 to 20 years to enhance knowledge of Americans. He provided the basis of Emerson’s ideology of individualism and idea of the common man.

Perhaps Jefferson changed America along with John Adams to move us forward . Our last zoom meeting with a few members who left the State of Connecticut because of 2012 elections and loss of business and jobs. We believe it’s not the failure of democracy to encourage diversity to participate in elections and civic duties, it is the failure of major political parties leaders who are not intelligent enough to realize that sovereignty is a trust not a personal property .


This crisis of politics nowadays is that democracy has become a responsibility for those who do not know who started it and how ? Thus , Our zoom meeting the “Conclusion” was that democracy is not a cure of present condition and future environmental problems , human fealty can cure democracy perhaps change is the answer according to the theory of human fealty . 

The people party of Connecticut

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