America Beyond The Fourth Amendment

America Beyond the Fourth Amendment 

NSA wiretaps and other national security searches create a fundamental constitutional question.

Under the article II of the constitution defining executive powers , perhaps the President is in charge and Commander – in -chief of the armed forces, and the Supreme Court has mentioned that the President has “ Plenary” power in foreign affairs, while Article III of the constitution grants Judicial power to the lower court. In 2011 in Mehdi V. America 11-768 the Supreme Court underscored the importance of Judges under the Fourth Amendment to protect Government employees who were behind the Sovereign power supported the wiretaps program without a warrant signed by a neutral magistrate.

The concern is where the president’s inherent authority leaves off, and where the Judicial and legal limits on the authority apply . The same arguments arose in the New Britain Connecticut Superior Court in the chamber of Judges Henry S. Cohn that the USA Patriot Act was passed in the wake of attacks against Al Qaeda minded ideologies, and Mehdi was forced to sign the Act because of the people party of Connecticut activism of freedom and justice. The main telephone number 860.582.2228 is unreasonably blocked to control supporters and political activism. 

The Mehdi V. America 11-768 case against the Government employees argued that the section 215 of the Act not only violates constitutional freedom of a citizen Perhaps illegal to monitor Library visits, books, records, papers , documents, communication, financial and credit control. 

In 2014 President Barack Hussain Obama announced that the indefinite secrecy would change by 2015 , here we are Mehdi V. America was denied. We lost political freedom, religious freedom , businesses, family happiness and jobs . The privacy issues are the most important issues of our time in the course of investigation and litigation. The complex legal and illegal rules are not only destroying political and religious freedom it’s against our founding fathers ideology especially Abraham Lincoln would change the Republicans party again to protect America and its creed.

Lucky’s Mini Mart was forced closed to control freedom, $ 7000.00 thousand dollars violation by the Connecticut Election Enforcement Commission for collecting nickel and dimes for party contributions , City Management took the Kay and the Golden Cross which disappeared until now September, 2020 while they closed 8 High Street Lucky’s across from the Main Library. President Obama’s promise of Freedom turned into a nightmare for independent and minorities. Our oath of human fealty in Libraries to enhance laws and justice brought President Obama into office to destroy human rights.

God Bless America 

The people party of Connecticut 

Mehdi LLC

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