The Election Commission

The Election Commission

We Independents stand out from partisans in several important ways to enhance America’s democratic values..

We are political activists, environmentalists, advocates for social justice and human rights Perhaps regular citizens.

Our library meeting were held out of State because of fear of losing freedom. We have to say that the political sphere, even at the lowest level, is designed only for those who reap the benefits of being part of Republicans and Democrats families.

When people like us choose to get involved and create political party they struggle and at the first opportunity are hit with fines , tickets, bills for breaking a law they barely understood or even knew existed before 2012 elections. Our incomes are controlled, businesses are forced closed, opportunities are blacked . How could a minor political party be able organize petition drive and inform citizens vote for independent or minor political parties to enhance democracy.

The State election Commission should serve as an important arbiter to encourage minorities to participate in civic duty by getting them involve in the elections , by making laws to encourage people not to fear from pre-existing parties and individuals who are privileged and have enough power to create conditions that can force individual and minorities out of businesses, Job opportunities, and could go as far as making you move out of state, the new generation of diverse Americans wants to see change the Elections Enforcement Commission should encourage the young generation to join the democratic process, the pre-existing parties have too much power and that sometimes can be abused upon. Any small business man would usually never take a risk like we did and end up losing business, source of income, and Job opportunities, however we would not give up ringing the bell for freedom and justice .

How could a minor political ideology would survive in the environment to sustain party members and to add new members to raise party funds to select suitable members for party positions election to formulate policies and programmes and launch propaganda campaigns.

The people party will submit the paperwork for the voter registrar officer for this coming municipality Election and request the citizens to understand in order to control the future that every voter registrar office should be run by an independent to secure democracy and trust.

The people party of Connecticut

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