It was a simple idea on June 1, 2009, after recovering from the 9|11 tragedy and the Patriot Act virus that destroyed Bristol Fashions LLC and LUCKY,S STORES. The City government did not recognize the unjust way the business was destroyed and put us into hardships. The new idea based on technology was a new dream that made us forget what happened to move forward in a new direction.

The idea was requesting a ride from your phone and computer but the Connecticut Department of Transportation argument was based on territorial matters, that old established companies had bought the territories of America They didn’t care about witnesses who complained about long waits in the cold winter for work, doctors appointments, and other reasons. Uber wasn’t established until 2009 in California Perhaps some States are business friendly according to the time and technology and appreciates new ideas of businesses .

The territorial idea of business operations destroys competition and leaves only preexisting businesses to survive and prosper. Perhaps the government has no business to get involved in businesses, but they also have no right to destroy them based on laws and regulations and basis because of political and religious afflictions of independent businesses . This corona virus have effected millions of small businesses which will not be easy to reestablish the same stream we were at. The suffering is for individual small businesses and families who are not part of a bigger network or franchise, usually any incentive that comes from a disaster usually goes to the owner of the franchise. That must change to help those who are directly behind the counter.

The government should business owners who are not only keeping the Main Street busy, but also providing business to Vendors, insurance, power companies , landlords, and keeping the cash flow into the hands of poor people. Our retail store was forced closed to discourage our political ideology. For the last 20 years, surviving in small businesses is not easy in America, most of the times it’s worse than gambling when Local, State Government, IRS, banks, and insurance companies do not help the new idea to have a chance to establish.

The people Party of Connecticut
Written by Ajmal Mehdi

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