Polish Villa

Back in 1789, the Constitution that we Americans today take so for granted, had still not been ratified by all of the Colonies, much less had the First Amendment to the Constitution been adopted. George Washington, in his first presidency, decided to tour all of the New England states that fall of 1789. And on August 21 of 1790, on a trip to Rhode Island, as part of his campaign around the colonies to pass what became known as the Bill of Rights, George Washington sent his now famous letter to the Hebrew Congregation in Newport. Today 230 years after The People Party of Connecticut fight against The Patriot Act 2001, detainee treatment act of 2005 , Guantanamo Bay Act , Polish villa act, if George Washington would have been alive today he would say the bill of rights and constitution celebrates people of any faith. When policies are made based on racial and ethnic prejudices humanity suffers naturally.
The people party of Connecticut

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