Doctrine of Human Faith

Doctrine of Human Faith

Once long ago I was inspired by my teacher who thought me the meaning of Human beings. Teacher explained in very simple way by saying that knowledge makes a human to be beings. In simple words he explained that a new road constructed and brought many small towns into beings meaning together in existence. In similar order when a human gain knowledge of kindness he or she becomes beings in a civilised democracy. Perhaps knowledge can be good and bad.
Ever since Adam and Eve eat the fruit of knowledge of good and bad in the Garden of Eden, societies have had to deal with whose two acts. Some seems good and some wrong as we notice from Republicans and sometimes from democrats . They promised almighty not to eat the fruit of good and bad knowledge Perhaps breaking of the “ trust “ started the system of laws and governing to control wrong acts as well as good sometimes. According to the Book of Rabi the “ word “ beings was taken from Human when Cain slew Abel and committed first crime as a human beings. The doctrine of human faith is the idea and philosophy to understand the journey from human to beings is the evolution which continues from the brothers .
My teacher thought me that the teachers are the guardians of a democracy and journalists are the angels to provide truth. The two professions are the makers and breakers of a society. Teachers and journalists are expected to be a man or women of exceptional knowledge or wisdom to whom words teach only honesty . It is State responsibility to provide feeling of intellectual independence to teachers and journalists which is essential to the proper fulfilment of duties. good teachers and journalists are aware of the conditions of the people not only at home Perhaps worldwide . This note is in the memory of my teacher who passed away on December 25th 2018 in Pakistan.
The people party of Connecticut
Written by Ajmal Mehdi

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