Poverty to prosperity


In Human Faith we believe that a human being needs nurturance, growth, education, safety, security, healing, happiness, health, hope, wisdom, and justice as long as humans have these needs the struggle of human rights will continue and it seems that people who brought revolutionary changes came from poverty to power such as Harry S. Truman, Calvin Coolidge, Woodrow Wilson, Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Jackson. The 7th President of the United States was born into poverty from Irish immigrant parents in 1767, fought briefly in the American Revolution, studied law and became the prosecuting attorney for western North Carolina, elected to the House of Representatives in 1796, and later the Senate the very next year in 1797. He even served in the state Supreme Court also and rose to fame during the War of 1812 when he soundly defeated the British at the Battle of New Orleans using a remarkably egalitarian force of slaves, Haitians, Choctaw, French pirates, Canary Islanders, and frontiersmen. The press declared him a leader and dubbed him “Old Hickory”. He went on to serve as Governor of the newly acquired Territory of Florida and ran for President in 1824, winning the popular vote but losing the Electoral College. He ran again in 1828 and won and 4 years later won reelection. Andrew Jackson seemed to live a life that, had it been the product of some work of fiction, would seem almost too much to believe but true because they believed.

America is the philosophy of the future by love of wisdom. Wisdom is the idea that something new must be learnt. Therefore the machine of democracy must be upgraded to a new doctrine of human rights . In most advanced societies knowledge has been the centre point in which public opinion is the authority of its government. Perhaps More exactly a doctrine as to the nature of the universe and “ We the people “ placed in it with individual freedom for human Fealty. The new laws of democracy such as the Patriot Act 2001 and few other doesn’t care of individual freedom, only punishes psychologically because laws that don’t care and only punish, show the level of knowledge of its judges and the society. If that society is considered to be a democratic society that punishes more mentally and emotionally because of the level of knowledge they have in 21st century , Thus , this kind of democracy is a fixed system of laws Perhaps a machine with different devices to control educated people who complain and asks questions for VI RI TAS.

Perhaps to control power over knowledge has been part of history that reminds the struggle of Pedro Albizu Campos a Puerto Rican man who was more concerned with the progress of the Puerto Rican people than with his own personal gain but unfortunately was poor. As president of the Puerto Rican Nationalist Party (PNP), he was determined to lead Puerto Rico in its political battle against the United States for the island’s independence. It was during his time as president of the PNP that Puerto Rico would rally the most support it had ever seen towards its fight for political autonomy. He died in 1965 shortly after his pardon and release from federal prison, some time after suffering a stroke the controversy is over his medical treatment in prison that lead to his death. In 1921 he became the first Puerto Rican to graduate from Harvard Law School while mastering many different languages — English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Latin, and Greek. After earning his Harvard law degree, he returned to Puerto Rico and opened a one-man law office because he couldn’t afford due to poverty where he accepted food, water, and clothing as payment for his legal services from people who could not afford a lawyer .

The difference between knowledge and democracy is that the knowledge as a nature of the universe which is not fixed like religion, it keeps changing itself to a new level of understanding we call human Fealty. The political and religious policies to control and divide must change in 21st century America is the last treasure on earth. Pedro Albizu Campos spoke many languages but died in poverty because he was Puerto Rican . The mission of poverty to prosperity must not discriminate based on color, creed and political ideologies for human rights and EEOC must fallow the rules that they have written in the mission statement for equality.

The people party of Connecticut

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