The Soul of Democracy is in diversity

Advanced democracy is impossible without cultivating the diversity of human beings into political parties in any country . Technology has brought revolutionary changes on the globe it’s impossible to isolate people from one another based on selfish interests and distribution of power among cliques.
Modern and advanced human government is impossible without technology and unanimity of opinion on social media. People think and act not in one way but in many ways and some join together and form a network, Community even a political party in order to capture power is absolutely necessary to advance ideologies.
Two major political parties have always been in America in one form or the other with different names. Before the war of Independence there were Loyalists and Patriots . Loyalists were loyal to the British crown and become landlords and latter worked for independence with Patriots . After independence the old ideology disappeared and two new parties emerged. Federalist and the anti federalist . Those who supported a strong central government called themselves Federalist “ Republicans “ and those who supported the strong state government called themselves Anti-Federalist which are “ democrats “ .
So to-day In November 3rd 2018 in the United States there are only two privileged parties. There are other small ideologies also but unfortunately in violations of either Federal or State Elections Enforcement Commission of “ why, who, when, where ?
The people party of Connecticut experience in Bristol Connecticut 2012 Election to promote the national interests upon some particular principles of environment, health and future on which they are not agreed. Perhaps any ideology that have a clear cut principles and programs of future cannot prosper and progress in America because two party power have developed many abuses . The control of democratic organization at the state or local level by the big bosses and their small cliques is a common feature city by city and state by state. Republicans are all professionals businessmen they manage election for business interests and distribution of offices among their followers to win elections. In 21st century America supposed to be an example democracy for the rest of the world but unfortunately a Spoil System of distributing government jobs among rich and powerful whom jobs was to enhance America.
Majority of candidates are running under the influence of big business, brothers of commercial and industrial magnates who give them financial help to secure legislation to serve selfish interests but America’s future. The people party of Connecticut was started only 313 dollars mostly contribution came from veterans who wanted change.
The people party of Connecticut
Mehdi LLC


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