Environmental Subway

Subway of Environmental issues

Ocean mining is a great idea to explore the Universe for new knowledge and energy resources as long as its doesn’t cause  Diatom effect , disapproence of Benthos on the surface at the bottom of oceans. Balance between human activities and nature is vital important any new exploration is a great idea with proper study of cause and effects nature is created on the system of dualism for balance . as an uneducated naturalist and victim of the American patriot act after tragedy of 911 created fear and paranoia which took over my feeling and destroyed meaning of liberty in my small mind just by forcing me to sign the Act because of my religion and took away my health and happiness ,

Now imagine nature give us freedom and happiness because we are human beings and have mind to understand natural law of free will , whenever Government , scientist, doctors and engineer’s try to change without proper study they will damage the nature naturally. Since 1950 the study of fright zone has shown that polar circle is silently changing this is the most advanced time of human knowledge where alerts are issued within the seconds with very accurate weather reports of sudden cooling and contracture of the earth surface and melting of Antarctica which contain about 8.2 % total area of earth getting more visible since 1950 and soon the deepest parts of oceans tranches will change from the  Mariana trench to Java or Puerto Rican trench’s from ocean mining.

Internal earth heat balance can change water temperature into steam and can cause expansion of oceans many part of earth it can also happened with dormant volcanoes activities from deep ocean digging .oceans water temperature can change intensity of wind, current , diatom effect with low pressure system with anti clockwise winds in hemisphere all that contribute to plutonic earthquakes.

Recently i witnessed delta Sindh mangroves conditions the walking trees of ocean water have disappeared from the location I visited 3 years ago all that environmental changes are happing all around us very slowly. Last month few formers from Punjab Multan happened to travel with me while taking flight from local airport , they had experience that last 20 years high temperature and heavy rainfall is making very difficult for rice crops even with cultivation of grapes, spices,  growing tobacco and small plants perhaps horticulturing is getting problems . contour farming is impossible in some effected areas . Brazil is the world largest coffee producer have noticed envirmental effects on coffee Karachi Pakistan is located on the ocean and Karachi ocean breeze very popular in South Asia last 10 years people have noticed heavy wind patron and heat waves in wind because of ocean temperature .

 Ocean mineral’s misbalanced due to contamination of chemicals and plastic products contributing to erosion effects with temperature and the amount of salt water vaporizing in the air and thunder and lightning decreasing due to less sodium chloride and potassium.

since the first time scncestist measured the area of earth it was 509,600,000  SKM with the circumference 24902 miles to 24777 miles from different parts of earth its is changing perhaps area of land and ocean water from 79% to 81 % . I believe its responsibility of most advance nations to use common sense and change laws and rules for new constrictions and roads not to be built by destroying rainforest and lakes .I personally believe that we must utilizes what has been used and change pollution and emissions laws in every single nation on the lonoly planet to keep it blue and green . if every human beings just plant one tree in lifetime the greenhouse gasses issue will resolve within 50 years. Am disable because of Government polices after tragedy of 911 to monitor activities of Muslims especially people like me who are politically active to educate public about honesty and freedom.

I sincerely hope that G20 nations should use common sense by experiencing weather of mass distraction, ecological crisis of toxic global atmosphere , the earth and all it’s life is in stress because of ignorance and lack of leadership.

The ecological system of balance and chemistry of nature is in stress due to toxic water, toxic medical waste, toxic metals and toxic gases. Human life is based on balance and the pressure of gravity which is losing pressure due to temperature change.

The reality of gravity is based on very small elements individual and invisible substances around us and cannot been seen. These substances can transfer in the waves of sound and particle of oxygen in the deep ocean waters for life. These small elements individual and invisible substances around us are the miracle of supreme being and the cause of life.

The condition that make us human is not an accident it is based on theology. The new environmental illness or disease such as respiratory problems ,chemicals, allergens, pollution, and other toxins will contribute high numbers of neurological disorders unless we amend some new laws and change course.

Natural sleep is the most important part of human health which is control by the gravity of supreme being who changes the pressure of gravity on this earth two times a day for the phenomena of learning and memory for life. Real question we should ask our self in which general view must be formed and on whose basis our principal in life must be based ? The answer based on realistic notion is faith, love and human fealty.

I apologize to be very critical and honest about ” Change ” the only way for the beautiful earth and it’s healthy life.

I like to contribute this article to seven members of humanity from them five have passed away who were Veterans and devoted for Human Rights Mr. Joseph Mohawk, Mr. Paul Syr, Mr. Paul Cleveland, Mr. David Cosano and David Macontyre  .


written by Ajmal Mehdi     

The People Party of Connecticut



Volunteerism is virtues


Volunteerism is virtues

Over the years I have observed from Bristol to Rome Italy that some people are very special and keep community’s clean I happened to be in the Jewett City in Connecticut where I noticed this Gentleman Al Church who comes out every morning to clean and pick litter to keep city clean .I respect him more then the mayor of this city because he is private citizen not a government employee nor gets any benefit from city but a true American Citizen . In Islam we learn cleaning is half religion as well as in human Faith that without clean body and soul prayers cannot be done it would be wasted.

In the beginning of 1900 , we learned that in New York and Boston people littered freely causing the rivers and streets to be filthy. This is the education that taught us that to be healthy…

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Crisis of Constitution

Crisis of Constitution

The story of Joseph is one of the best known tales in the Book of Rabi. The events of Joseph’s life are also found in the Torah and the Qur’an even in bible . Joseph was very much loved by His father because he had been born to him in his old age. He was given a special gift by his parents Jacob and Rachel – a richly ornamented coat and a ring by his father and a rosary by his mother. at the age of 17 he was thrown in a well, and Joseph was taken as a slave child by a passing caravan and sold in Egypt in 7th century BCE. Mashiach bin Yosef was sold into slavery because of jealousy as we see in America many Joseph’s are victims of the system the patriot act and the tragedy of 911.

Perhaps people are sold and bought for political and financial reasons. The book of Rabi explains in details how foreign influences in America driving domestic and foreign policies. How opportunities are distributed in flawed democracy in the name of freedom within the circle of ( DASCS) Democratic American Secret Criminal Society. The technology and control of activities in the name of liberty. The crisis of constitution that has been expired since 1876 which continues to put people life in jeopardy. The republic of America and crisis of confidence in political machine. The book of Rabi explains the loopholes of American democracy.
The people party of Connecticut
Mehdi LLC
Higher law making


Changing Democracy 324624CF-FE53-4DDB-82D0-4A8D315B8A61

Human Fealty is the root of revolution to enhance democracy to a new ideology, since the systems of democracy , the state and political ideologies are in the turmoil and confused about immigration, gender, women rights, gun rights, children’s future, abortion, justice, peace and constitution amendment . Liberty is more precious than peace, the people party members will keep trying to change democracy for the things carried nearest to our hearts such as changing unethical laws from our constitution which are expired our time.
America’s object is to vindicate the principals of peace and justice along with political and economical structure and freedom in the life of all Americans and the world as against selfish and autocratic powers. Human Fealty is the voice for the rights and liberties of small nations as a dominion of right by such a concert of honest people to bring change to make the world at lest free in 21st century . World must be made safe for environmental and ideological crisis of future by the voices of people within their own government as well as here in America. Perhaps it’s time to realise idealism of the American dream of peace and safety for the future generations to come.
The people party of Connecticut
Mehdi LLC

Human Fealty

Human Fealty

Mehdi was an athlete and a scout once and one night at the scout camp in a remote city of Multan found a rock which was different from other rocks at that night they set a wood fire to cook shish kebabs and potatoes for dinner. While cooking the food on the fire Mehdi threw that rock into the fire and the rock started to glow a ember red color.

After a couple hours they put the fire off with water. In the morning when got up he noticed thousands of ants near the area where he threw the rock, the ants were sucking on the metal remains of the stone. That made Mehdi surprised on why the ants were eating the rock.

That day Mehdi went home and prayed to his God ( Rab) and asked heavenly light why the ants were gathered together near the rock and were eating it or sucking that melted piece of rock. The answer was cluster of cells send a electric signal to different parts of body from your heart to brain and stomach to keep you going is from the dust particles of that stone.

Blessing on humanity from the father and the son with the Holy Spirit of human fealty.

Time went by quick and Mehdi happened to be in a city of mountain Afghanistan and saw some people mining rocks and looking for uranium and other solid mineral deposits from the dough of God (Rab). The head of the crew was Mr. John Atheist a retired United States army officer was a very intelligent member of mining team who had no interest in God (Rab) but in small pieces of rocks and metals. Mehdi tried to talk to John but Mr. Wiseman was driven by rank , power, anger and of course liquor didn’t like to talk to a smelly ,dusky, white holy “ yarmulke” wearing soccer player and said oh “ Jesus Christ “

Mehdi went back to the hotel, changed and got ready for a game but didn’t play soccer in the city because of a religious order that doesn’t allow men to wear shorts in the city, the issue got into an argument and the game was canceled . At that evening Mehdi walked into the House of God (Rab) to pray and saw a young kid sitting in the corner who’s one leg was chained . Mehdi asked the 9 or 11 year young kid why he was chained he replied that I am not a good student so my teacher chained me to pay attention and concentrate on reading and writing of Quran the holy book.

Mehdi walked in the room to see teacher asked him why the young kind was chained up, the teacher replied that he doesn’t pay attention on educations just to scare him . tried to explain that you can chain an animal but Human Beings we are created in the image of Lord. The teacher asked why he was there Mehdi replied that his friend had died and wanted him to pray for his soul or reincarnation for his soul gave the teacher $ 100 dollars for the food for all orphans kids who are staying in missionary to pray for his friends soul . The head teacher asked Mehdi the name of his friend for pray and Mehdi said “ Syed Ajmal ”

Time always moves quickly and Mehdi happened to be in a city of Miami Florida where he got job next to a high school . He was shocked to see the abuse of freedom and use of drugs and disrespect towards teachers and parents in democracy that is going toward classless political system of pleasure and good time. Mehdi got laid off from AT&T as an FCC complaint investigator came back home to Connecticut and pray to his God (Rab) and asked heavenly light what happened to the sense of balance of Americans.

The answer came “ abuse of power and freedom.

The people Party of Connecticut
Mehdi LLC

Axiom of Nature

Axiom of nature

Am unable to explain in the language of English my thoughts and experiences of the many creatures that i have observed over the years as well as the many trees which produce fruits and medicines. Every single gift of the Invisible Supreme Power appears with a miracle from water to milk and nectar to honey. The most amazing and fascinating creations are in billions, but the honey bee takes my thoughts deep into its process and purity of truth. While growing up in a place were people depend on nature for harvesting to the livestock I learned many things, Once July 11th 1987,

the day was very hot and humid, my friend Saeed and I skipped school after assembly to go and find fresh honey from bee hives. Saeed’s family depended on live-stock from cows to chickens they had all on the farm were they lived. We decided to take a few Pets and a dog Tommy for herding, we kept eyes on the pets to take them to the river which turned into a small lake now after 35 years .My favorite ride was the bull ride by holding the bulls horns and job was to keep eyes on the pets and to twist their tail whenever they slowed down. Saeed had no interest in pets nor nature, horse riding was his favorite. His father was a farmer and my an artist and calligrapher.

After few hours we ended up on the main lake, lot bigger then across from his home which was part of same river and we went to find the bee hives, within an hour later we were able to find an bee hive underneath a mango tree in a mango garden, I never had a problem with the honeybees to take the honey, but that day the bees were angry and wouldn’t let me or my friend get close to the hive to get honey. So we decided to borrow a match to make smoke to get the bees away from the hive. we were able to find a match from a guy at the lake and created smoke, most of the bees took off and left.

Many of the bees were still in the hollow of the tree but they were dizzy due to smoke and therefore harmless. I took fresh honey from the bee hive with my finger and put it in both of my eyes which made my eyes irritated but after a few second my eyes felt very fresh due to the synthesis of proteins of amino acids which rejuvenates the small blood vessels that affects the muscles that move the eyes.

Perhaps we took all the honey from the hive and put it in a small jar. Some how from the tree, 10 for 15 bees stung My friend Saeed on his forehead which made him dizzy, he sat down on the ground and started crying which made me worried. A couple bees stung the dog Tommy too. I took the flowers left from a mango tree to become fruit and rubbed it on my hand for less then 10 minutes that created a smell in my hands and greenish and yellowish secretion that I put it on on Saeed’s forehead, the pain disappeared.
Blessings on humanity from the father and the son with holy sprite of human Fealty.

The best pain killer medicine for quick result. Saeed was feeling better so we decided to go back to the lake to check on the pets.

Time went by quick in July 1991 I happened to be in New York college with one of my friend who happened to get stung by a honey bee and had a allergic reaction so we called 911 for an ambulance which took him to the hospital. That evening I finished my job and went to see him at the hospital. The hospital bill was high for the treatment . Sometimes We joked with him about the honey bee to scared him. I was stung by bees many times while learning about their habits. We had many names for the honey bee such as daughter of time or mother of believers.

The reason I always talk about honey bees is because they take the central course of nature and gathers their food from clean and beautiful places. The digestive process is amazing and then transform into drink of knowledge ( Jam-e-al-Alome) to me a pure philosophy that is produced by pure and natural theology to improve vision as well as knowledge. Nature produces the best Scripture in our ” Falsafa” the Hellenistic philosophy that God command and compassion with his creatures in establishing axioms. The best scripture in the means of Pen giving to us in many languages Such as Quranic in the essence source and focal point of an ongoing and evolving system to conceptualization of human faith. Nature always challenge theory of knowledge by redefining the limits and validity of time.

Written By Ajmal Mehdi

Election 2020


Election 2020

The United States presidential election of 2020, scheduled for Tuesday, November 3, 2020, The people party of Connecticut will be submitting paperwork to the Secretary of State office in Hartford Connecticut, if given opportunity by the masters of time who control our freedom . Once again we will ask citizens to open the doors for new ideology and change . At the same time a new president and vice president through the electoral college will be elected with the system that is old and complicated to blame Russia, China and India . The Electoral college and nominating process was valid until 1876 according to John Adams and Thomas Jefferson whom were worried that the few powers will takeaway whole process of presidential elections, , Thomas Jefferson American President, authored the Declaration of Independence and under George Washington at the time he was the Secretary of State while they discussed complications of voting system and time that from 1776 to 1876 selecting a slate of delegates to a political party’s nominating convention would be valid. The whole process of our democracy has become game of throne. Independent thinkers and minorities are pushed on the side and punished for the opinion and ideology. That’s takes my memories to the time of Pontius Pilate, the Roman governor of Jerusalem and king Herod whom love riding on elephants and Jesus Christ used donkey for traveling . The symbolism of Donkey and Elephant continues, to reminds history of democracy.

The first human government to emerge as a autocracy or plutocracy by a man called Nimrod. Before Nimrod there was no need for government in the Garden of Eden. Everyone obeyed God, so there was no conflict. Sin had not yet entered, so there was no theft or violence. Human government was not needed at all until Nimrod declare himself God and challenged the Efficient cause ( Lord ) to introduce Human rights.
Aristocracy with theocracy a system of government by nobility stared with Prophet Abraham who introduced family government for his extended family as well as other who lived in this village . This included providing work and income. He introduce system and obligation to defend his people if they were attacked. When a member of system was captured by others Prophet Abraham organized his army and rescued citizen of this first organized system.
Sumer, located in Mesopotamia, started complex civilization in interregnum of over 70 years as, gerontocracy developing the first city and system of states. It was in these cities that the earliest known form of writing, cuneiform script, appeared from Humarabi. Many system were introduced by hagiocracy a system of government by King or High Priest changed hierarchy to kakistocracy to barbarian way of life and comes revolutionary change with Prophet Moses a new system introduced according to the books and referendums. Thirteen tribes continued the best system of Government by the nobility of gerontocracy and referendum until King David passed that turn into kakistocracy.
Over time many new nations started to realized that they needed a system of Government usually oligarchy and theocracy ruled for long time until stratocracy stared gaining power and bureaucracy for democracy started and continues for last three centuries into kakistocracy.
The kingdom of the White House starts from the Camp David which many presidents did not used at all once Presidents Harry Truman thought its boring and wanted never to go there. The cost of Camp David runs to about a million dollars a year. Now imagine George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams ran the Presidency between seven to twelve employees and President salary was $25000 .

Compare to the payroll for the executive branch which includes all positions and departments is 2,750,000 people comes to nine and half billion dollars not including President salary. The White House staff is about 385 at a cost of $ 1,640,000. Including a helicopter, Air Force One with a fleet of thirty five limousine. The White House has a swimming pool, tennis court, gymnasium, bowling alley and a jogging track as well as two movie theaters, recording facilities and small library which is empty most of the time.

There are ridding horses supplied , private armored plated Pullman car and thousands of security agents. President family lives rent free annually maintenance and operations of the house runs to eight million dollars along with hundreds of maids, cooks, butlers, gardeners, and electricians. There are directors of management, gifts, wine, smoking, drinking, among others .
I personally believe that its time to upgrade democracy by a new system of Government called Human Fealty. A system of Government in which realty and problems are discussed with equal representation of humanity without biases for morality, rule of laws, future and justice according to VI RI TAS.
Humanity never advances unless it has the Pen of Moses that comes to us by inheritance a transparent law. Law explain that there is no fixtures in nature its fluid and volatile. Law improves according to nature step by step and climb mysterious ladder. The steps are our actions and new directions is power perhaps sometime results is threatened and judged by the people.. Perhaps that pure democracy by which I mean as an example society consisting of diversity of conscious citizens with languages to improve life.

Small steps are the reasons that the official services of America from national, State and municipal with all of its branches and departments are almost free from corruptions.True democratic ethics makes a just society by investigating the truth and injustice. The Constitution State is an example state when it come to codes of ethics Title 1, chap 10 of G Statues there have been no major issues since it creation in the Constitution State because of two major parties rule with same ideologies. Except The people party of Connecticut . Mehdi’ s appellate court case was argued for open Government policies and Connecticut Citizens Election Program (CEP) the case was forced closed. CEP ethical issue was to allow Minor Political party to receive assistance from Citizens Elections Program for Minorities. Federal Ethics report shown that in 2016 Election Republican president runner spent $ 1.7 Billion and Democratic runner $ 1.5 Billion with the total cost of presidential and congressional elections almost 7 Billion dollars is unethical. While The People Party of Connecticut wasn’t allowed to submit papers for Election and devoted members are living in fear for safety and security is unethical in 2018.

Certainly, the ability to envision results and knowledge of the methods involved Ethics are among those things that depend on the capacity for rational inquiry and Justice.If this capacity is fully developed, then work of our democracy will turns out in the pure civilization , the benefit of the outcome is peace and justice with simplicity of Human Fealty.

Written by Ajmal Mehdi
The people party of Connecticut