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Subway of Environmental issues

Ocean mining is a great idea to explore the Universe for new knowledge and energy resources as long as its doesn’t cause  Diatom effect , disapproence of Benthos on the surface at the bottom of oceans. Balance between human activities and nature is vital important any new exploration is a great idea with proper study of cause and effects nature is created on the system of dualism for balance . as an uneducated naturalist and victim of the American patriot act after tragedy of 911 created fear and paranoia which took over my feeling and destroyed meaning of liberty in my small mind just by forcing me to sign the Act because of my religion and took away my health and happiness ,

Now imagine nature give us freedom and happiness because we are human beings and have mind to understand natural law of free will , whenever Government , scientist, doctors and engineer’s try to change without proper study they will damage the nature naturally. Since 1950 the study of fright zone has shown that polar circle is silently changing this is the most advanced time of human knowledge where alerts are issued within the seconds with very accurate weather reports of sudden cooling and contracture of the earth surface and melting of Antarctica which contain about 8.2 % total area of earth getting more visible since 1950 and soon the deepest parts of oceans tranches will change from the  Mariana trench to Java or Puerto Rican trench’s from ocean mining.

Internal earth heat balance can change water temperature into steam and can cause expansion of oceans many part of earth it can also happened with dormant volcanoes activities from deep ocean digging .oceans water temperature can change intensity of wind, current , diatom effect with low pressure system with anti clockwise winds in hemisphere all that contribute to plutonic earthquakes.

Recently i witnessed delta Sindh mangroves conditions the walking trees of ocean water have disappeared from the location I visited 3 years ago all that environmental changes are happing all around us very slowly. Last month few formers from Punjab Multan happened to travel with me while taking flight from local airport , they had experience that last 20 years high temperature and heavy rainfall is making very difficult for rice crops even with cultivation of grapes, spices,  growing tobacco and small plants perhaps horticulturing is getting problems . contour farming is impossible in some effected areas . Brazil is the world largest coffee producer have noticed envirmental effects on coffee Karachi Pakistan is located on the ocean and Karachi ocean breeze very popular in South Asia last 10 years people have noticed heavy wind patron and heat waves in wind because of ocean temperature .

 Ocean mineral’s misbalanced due to contamination of chemicals and plastic products contributing to erosion effects with temperature and the amount of salt water vaporizing in the air and thunder and lightning decreasing due to less sodium chloride and potassium.

since the first time scncestist measured the area of earth it was 509,600,000  SKM with the circumference 24902 miles to 24777 miles from different parts of earth its is changing perhaps area of land and ocean water from 79% to 81 % . I believe its responsibility of most advance nations to use common sense and change laws and rules for new constrictions and roads not to be built by destroying rainforest and lakes .I personally believe that we must utilizes what has been used and change pollution and emissions laws in every single nation on the lonoly planet to keep it blue and green . if every human beings just plant one tree in lifetime the greenhouse gasses issue will resolve within 50 years. Am disable because of Government polices after tragedy of 911 to monitor activities of Muslims especially people like me who are politically active to educate public about honesty and freedom.

I sincerely hope that G20 nations should use common sense by experiencing weather of mass distraction, ecological crisis of toxic global atmosphere , the earth and all it’s life is in stress because of ignorance and lack of leadership.

The ecological system of balance and chemistry of nature is in stress due to toxic water, toxic medical waste, toxic metals and toxic gases. Human life is based on balance and the pressure of gravity which is losing pressure due to temperature change.

The reality of gravity is based on very small elements individual and invisible substances around us and cannot been seen. These substances can transfer in the waves of sound and particle of oxygen in the deep ocean waters for life. These small elements individual and invisible substances around us are the miracle of supreme being and the cause of life.

The condition that make us human is not an accident it is based on theology. The new environmental illness or disease such as respiratory problems ,chemicals, allergens, pollution, and other toxins will contribute high numbers of neurological disorders unless we amend some new laws and change course.

Natural sleep is the most important part of human health which is control by the gravity of supreme being who changes the pressure of gravity on this earth two times a day for the phenomena of learning and memory for life. Real question we should ask our self in which general view must be formed and on whose basis our principal in life must be based ? The answer based on realistic notion is faith, love and human fealty.

I apologize to be very critical and honest about ” Change ” the only way for the beautiful earth and it’s healthy life.

I like to contribute this article to seven members of humanity from them five have passed away who were Veterans and devoted for Human Rights Mr. Joseph Mohawk, Mr. Paul Syr, Mr. Paul Cleveland, Mr. David Cosano and David Macontyre  .


written by Ajmal Mehdi     

The People Party of Connecticut


Christmas Light

Christmas Light

Isa Ibn Mariam was a Saint of earth with the miracle of the healing power from the lord of Abraham pbuh. One day he was walking down a muddy road and a man started following him to know the secrets of healing power . A poor kid wearing a white Yamaka “ cap “ asked Isa to go help his father who is ill. They walked behind the kid and got to his home to heal his father. Isa touched his cane to the sick man and prayed for his health and left the house.

At noon they sat down under a tree to eat and rest. Few other followers of the day were hungry also. Everyone took their pieces of bread out and put them down on a small cloth to eat together. The Wiseman who started following him to know the secrets had three pieces of bread but took only one out to save the other two because of greed. Isa looked in his eyes and ignored him because other faithful followers were there.

Couple hours went by and a man came from a different village to get help for his wife who had a fever. Isa went there and put his hand on her forehead, prayed and left the house. The followers were waiting outside due to strict privacy of family.

At night they rested in one of his follower homes. During the night while everyone was sleeping the Wiseman took Isa’s cane because prophet Moses carried the cane and thought that the healing power was in the piece of wood. He walked all night long to get to a village where a wealthy man was sick to cure him and to get a big reward from his sons.

Time went by quickly the Wiseman told guards at the gate that their master is sick; he is here to cure him from sickness. They took him into the palace. The pharaoh sons were amazed and happy that their father will be healthy again. The Master was very sick laying down on the bed taking his last breaths as soon as Wiseman touched him with the cane passed away.

The angry sons hung him and threw his body outside. All villagers got together trying to identify his body. Isa Ibn Mariam was walking by and heard the news and went there with a couple of followers and put his right hand on the Dead man’s forehead and prayed to God of Abraham for his life.

He got up, confessed and apologized. Isa asked him how many pieces of bread he had yesterday at lunch time. Wiseman started crying and told him three and asked for forgiveness. Jesus told him that a kind word, even a smile, is charity and the best form of Charity is feeding the hungry. You kept that piece of bread because of greed but didn’t know that you would be hanged and wouldn’t be able to eat that bread you saved.

Humanity is suffering because greed multiplies and creates chaos in society .

Covid-19 is doing a lot of damage physically, emotionally, psychologically and economically to the poorest of the world . The richest 20 % of people account for 90 % of consumption while the poorest 20 % account for 1 % and 12 % of humanity is responsible for 88 % of human resources such as medicine, water, oil and the best diet. The labyrinth political ideologies of the wealthiest 20 % with the current leadership in many nations is responsible for these crises. In 2020 almost 1.7 billion people are living in absolute poverty at just about $ 1.00 a day or even less due to Covid crisis and internal conflicts.

A report from veterinary service data indicates the richest of the 30 % human population spend an average of $ 4.90 cent per day on 1.7 billion pets while some human beings suffer just for basic food and medicine .

I have few friends whose parents died in nursing homes and they were not able to say goodbye. While they are living in big mansions, driving SUVs to please society and egos, but their own mothers, fathers.

Years ago a hud hud sang his hymn to Sulman, that man can fly with his spirit across the deserts and oceans . Prophet Muhammad visited paradise and Jerusalem on a flying horse while Ali slept on his bad. And Isa visited the Kabba, to complete the convent of Abraham. But science argues the credibility of events while they know we are going into the same hole. These are true events of the recent past that ring a bell in the memory of those who have lost their history in the race of greed from Pakistan to America.

God Blesses Humanity
The people party of Connecticut
Mehdi LLC
Human Faith Project

Liberte & Eglite

Liberte & egalite

When Thomas Jefferson lived in France he believed that “Truth” would be lost from the music of Rousseau struggle of democracy of change if the meaning of liberty and equality would change into music of  greed nd power . This call of freedom and equality was naturally appealing to founding fathers of America.  Jefferson was an orthodox as Thomas Paine was and favored a little change every 15 to 20 years to enhance knowledge of Americans. He provided the basis of Emerson’s ideology of individualism and idea of the common man.

Perhaps Jefferson changed America along with John Adams to move us forward . Our last zoom meeting with a few members who left the State of Connecticut because of 2012 elections and loss of business and jobs. We believe it’s not the failure of democracy to encourage diversity to participate in elections and civic duties, it is the failure of major political parties leaders who are not intelligent enough to realize that sovereignty is a trust not a personal property .


This crisis of politics nowadays is that democracy has become a responsibility for those who do not know who started it and how ? Thus , Our zoom meeting the “Conclusion” was that democracy is not a cure of present condition and future environmental problems , human fealty can cure democracy perhaps change is the answer according to the theory of human fealty . 

The people party of Connecticut

America Beyond The Fourth Amendment

America Beyond the Fourth Amendment 

NSA wiretaps and other national security searches create a fundamental constitutional question.

Under the article II of the constitution defining executive powers , perhaps the President is in charge and Commander – in -chief of the armed forces, and the Supreme Court has mentioned that the President has “ Plenary” power in foreign affairs, while Article III of the constitution grants Judicial power to the lower court. In 2011 in Mehdi V. America 11-768 the Supreme Court underscored the importance of Judges under the Fourth Amendment to protect Government employees who were behind the Sovereign power supported the wiretaps program without a warrant signed by a neutral magistrate.

The concern is where the president’s inherent authority leaves off, and where the Judicial and legal limits on the authority apply . The same arguments arose in the New Britain Connecticut Superior Court in the chamber of Judges Henry S. Cohn that the USA Patriot Act was passed in the wake of attacks against Al Qaeda minded ideologies, and Mehdi was forced to sign the Act because of the people party of Connecticut activism of freedom and justice. The main telephone number 860.582.2228 is unreasonably blocked to control supporters and political activism. 

The Mehdi V. America 11-768 case against the Government employees argued that the section 215 of the Act not only violates constitutional freedom of a citizen Perhaps illegal to monitor Library visits, books, records, papers , documents, communication, financial and credit control. 

In 2014 President Barack Hussain Obama announced that the indefinite secrecy would change by 2015 , here we are Mehdi V. America was denied. We lost political freedom, religious freedom , businesses, family happiness and jobs . The privacy issues are the most important issues of our time in the course of investigation and litigation. The complex legal and illegal rules are not only destroying political and religious freedom it’s against our founding fathers ideology especially Abraham Lincoln would change the Republicans party again to protect America and its creed.

Lucky’s Mini Mart was forced closed to control freedom, $ 7000.00 thousand dollars violation by the Connecticut Election Enforcement Commission for collecting nickel and dimes for party contributions , City Management took the Kay and the Golden Cross which disappeared until now September, 2020 while they closed 8 High Street Lucky’s across from the Main Library. President Obama’s promise of Freedom turned into a nightmare for independent and minorities. Our oath of human fealty in Libraries to enhance laws and justice brought President Obama into office to destroy human rights.

God Bless America 

The people party of Connecticut 

Mehdi LLC

Redefining America

Redefining America

Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12th in poverty and survived on a small farm in Kentucky, Indiana and Illinois with minimal schooling. It wasn’t easy for Abraham to afford to go to school and books but with the extraordinary common sense and ambition to learn Abraham’s mother and stepmother provided opportunities for books.

The Question Arises What Is America from 1820 to 2020 ?

A Basti ( village)

Overlooking the land of five rivers of Multan Pakistan, there is a small Basti. A Basti is a village where all the people live and work side by side as a large family on one big farm. Everyone shares in the chores , tilling the soil, harvesting the crops, caring for the livestock and tending the mango gardens and other fruits grown for which the City of Saints is known even in the United States.

In this Basti (village) there are also many children. This is a story about the five of them Abraham , Sarah, Musa, Ali and Batool . They are good friend and study together in the same school . They live in the same area and play together almost everyday , ever since they are born they know each other like brother and sister. They are between 7 to 9 years old except Batool she is 5.
Since the people of Basti all live together as a large family they share the good things that happen we’ll have troubles.

Children help parents by feeding the animals and care for gardens and the vegetables at the seasonal harvesting time . Children go out to the fields with adults to gather the wheat and to take it to the barns where they store until it’s ready to ground into fine fresh flour for bread.
Beside these work which all the people of Basti ( Village ) do together each of the five children have special work , Abraham job is to tend horses that work hard in the fields of this small village . The time school is over Abraham hurry to the stable where he strokes the names of Kala, Kali and the bacha.
How are you feeling ?
Are you very tired ?
He asks the horses as he looks over their legs and hooves for scratches , clean with strips of soft cloth .
Don’t I make a good doctor bacha ? Ask nicely
When Abraham grows up he wants to be an animal doctor and a veterinarian who treats not human beings but only animals to keep them well and happy.
Bacha gives a loud whinny,

One day when there is no school Abraham jumps on the back of Kala the friskiest bourse in the barn , kala flying like the wind around Basti ( Village ) until it’s time for supper .

While Abraham busy with the horses, a black long hair Sarah busy working in the Chicken coop, running and skipping all around in one hand bowl with chicken feed her other hand is waving a big , ha la lo ya , to move them to one side busy back and forth cleaning the coop.
Sarah talks to chickens but chickens do not listen, they are busy scrambling for the best seeds Sarah has scattered around the ground for them , Carefully she gathers up all the eggs for breakfast.
Thank you for the delicious eggs Sarah whispers to the hens while roster ready for the Azan.
As soon as Musa finishes his homework , he runs to the cow-shed to visit moti , bahri,lambi and pagul the cows of the village . Musa picks their names himself from experiences and behavior . When the cows see Musa coming they start mooing so joyfully that you can hear them in India .
Musa thinks they must be very hungry.

I don’t know how you moo so loudly while holding an armful of fresh straw to Pagul, you make delicious sweet white milk out of all that dry , yellow straw you eat . I just don’t get it Musa said to the cow . The friendly look at Musa with her gentle, bulging eyes and chewing the cud as if she was trying to think up a way of explanation.
But she gets too busy swinging her tail to chase the flies off her backs. Oh. Never mind Musa says you can tell me some other time .
Ali, the most serious and youngest boy of the three , helps care for the mango garden where best mangos grow. When the mangos are ripe they turn a beautiful deep-yellow color and fill the village air with a delicious sweet smell. That is the time when they have to be picked from their trees. Ali takes each ripe mango and wraps it carefully into thin, red paper .
There you go he whispers as he puts each fruit into its own special place in the big basket while he is careful from the honeybees who want to taste the sweet mango juice.
The baskets full of mangos will be taken to the village market to be sold.
Batool who is the youngest member of this group and full of fun works in the vegetable garden . There are the cucumbers , the peas , the carrots , the lettuce , the beans , the leafy spinach and of course red tomatoes with green papers next to it . Batool waters them and pulls outs all the ugly weeds so they won’t crowd out the healthy vegetables , Who needs you ? Batool scolds as she tears out a weed growing beside a cucumbers.
Next to the vegetable garden there is a flower garden too, children are very proud of their flower garden which helps make the village a beautiful place almost like the garden of Eden in the Quran . Batool is especially proud of the rose bushes where the birds make their nests. She listens to the Hud Hud sing and makes up a song with words all her own which she teaches the rest of the children..

Batool,s mother and father are busy preparing for a new family member to arrive from heaven. She doesn’t know that she would have a little brother or sister who will be part of her family.

The children have a share not only in the work of the village but also have fun when baby calf, goat or lamb is born the children choose the names for their new friends , in holidays they help put up holidays decorations , when family members visit from different city they greet them and take them for walk to show the village .

The children are learning basic steps of nature by playing with baby calf, ponies, goats and lambs. They love reading books Abraham loves reading stories to the children every Saturday they have a picnic where everyone reads and writes stories .
Abraham tells a story from a Book named “Human Fealty“ this story is about a young boy named Lincoln who was born in a small farm in Kentucky United States. It was not easy for Lincoln to go to school. He helped his family by working on a farm due to extraordinary common sense and ambition to learn. Lincoln never wasted a minute of his life always learning from the books of his stepmother. While working on the farm he always thought about changing tasks by making them simpler and easier to improve productivity.

At his young age Lincoln had many experiences of poverty , struggle and witnessed some people suffer and be treated badly just because of the pigment of the skin. Lincoln realized that he must work hard to gain knowledge in order to improve the life of children who are born in the darkness . 52 two years went by quickly and Lincoln was elected president of the United States to change the structure and system for children to be born free.

Listening to this story a ray of hope showed on the faces of the children and Batool asked Abraham where this Village of America Abraham replied I don’t know it’s in this book.
Batool got the surprise news of her baby brother they named him Ismael . All the children were happy celebrating the new member of the family, summer vacations started and all five children are busy playing everyday. The young baby is too little to be outside. Sunday morning Mohel arrived in the village some people call him Brit in Different languages older children ran away from him as he arrived at Circumcise Ismael and to cook food for people a celebration that reminds young children of the story of Prophet Mohammed .

Whole Village was invited to celebrate at the same time children are being trained from the instructions of the fathers from time to time . They hear nothing but do’s and don’t doesn’t understand the meaning of the actions yet when they grow up virtuous mental and spiritual habits attained inwards slowly during this time in the village while playing and learning true nature so they can have a happy and healthy culture.

There is a variety of different democratic systems throughout the world by observing British colonialism, American Jefferson system, Switzerland democratic system and Indian constitutional system. In this note, I compare different laws of democracy. The theory and practice of freedom comes from a variety of systems such as democracy, Republic, constitution state, kingdom.

Laws of Nature gives us only a tiny taste of a huge universe , In simple words honeybees, ants and many other creatures are giving us an excellent example of society, system, rules and democracy through natural law, nature is our home and pure democracy by understanding that we are just tiny matter in a huge loop of life. Some creatures are well organized according to the law of nature and certain basic rules are mutated in them to survive together. The proposed of our man-made democracy is to have a basic knowledge of civic duties and certain rules written or memorized by the people to live in peace. The rules have many names such as the contracts, the charters, the constitution, the documents of laws, treaties last two hundred years. We are very familiar with the term constitution, which is commonly used nowadays.

Almost every state must have some kind of constitution written or unwritten even in a state ruled by a dictator there is a constitution to direct people. Any state that does not have a constitution would be considered a regime of anarchy but with some kind of order. A constitution is the body of rules that determine how government operation is to be carried on a daily basis. It includes all rules as to kings or presidents, legislators, senators, ministers, judges, election and so on. According to the translation from the Book of Rabi, the first human government that emerged on earth as an autocracy or plutocracy by a man called King Nimrod. Before Nimrod, there was no need for government in the Garden of Eden. Everyone obeyed God, so there was no conflict. Sin had not yet entered, so there was no theft or violence. Human government was not needed at all until Nimrod declared himself Supreme power and challenged the Efficient cause (Lord) to introduce Human rights.

Aristocracy with theocracy a system of government by nobility started with Prophet Abraham who introduced family government for his extended family as well as others who lived in this village. This included providing work and income. He introduced a system and obligation to defend his people if they were attacked when a member of this democracy was captured Prophet Ibrahim organized his army and rescued citizens in this first organized system.

Sumer, located in Mesopotamia, which is Iraq, now started complex civilization in the interregnum of over 70 years as, gerontocracy developing the first city and system of states. It was in these cities that the earliest known form of writing, cuneiform script appeared from Hammurabi for Basic direction, names of authorities, Street, cities a proper system in writing. Many systems were introduced by hagiocracy, a system of government by the King or High Priest changed hierarchy to kakistocracy to a barbarian way of life continued and comes revolutionary change with Prophet Moses Ten Commandments, a new system introduced according to the book of laws and referendums. Thirteen tribes continued the best system of Government by the nobility of gerontocracy and referendum until King David passed that turn into kakistocracy.

Over time many new nations started to realize that they needed a system of Government usually oligarchy and theocracy ruled for a long time until stratocracy started gaining power and bureaucracy for democracy started from British and continues for the last three centuries. The British had the oldest living constitution in the world, which had made the circle of the globe and become the common possession of civilized people due to colonialism. The British system of government has spread far and wide because of a the monotheistic idea which was extremely important to enhance knowledge worldwide to improve life and higher power used British to enhance the system of government although some may argue that they took treasuries of many nations. Overtime British slowly developed through the centuries, got away from constitution, and developed an amalgam of institutions, principles and practices. The constitution is a composite of charters and statues of judicial decisions of common law, of precedents wages and traditions. It is not like American and Indian styled derived from specific sources of writing constitution or Amendment but from several past examples and experience open to a process of growth. It is a child of wisdom and of chance whose course has sometimes guided by accident and sometimes by high design of Almighty (Rab) for human Development.

In the 21st century future of democracy lies in the conscious art of freedom in which each successive generation has the right to add its own amendments without any concern of old symmetry of the forefathers and its structure because change is part of life. The journey from constitution to common sense takes hundreds of years to become the fruit of intellectual people a process of gradual change otherwise it’s just ink on the papers for distraction and arguments but justice.

In 2012, I visited London to see my Great Grandfather’s sword in British Museum and tried to buy a copy of British Constitution. the Englishman concept of society and rules are different from many people that I can get a copy of Magna Chart-a of 1215 , the Bill of Rights 1689 , Parliament Acts of 1911 and 1949 and thousands of similar documents but the whole constitution in one documentary because a substantial portion of the Constitution is based on common sense.

British do not have in the written form such as freedom is the birthright of all living things does not have to be in writing a certain way to restrict freedom. this idea inspired me and embraced my limited understanding , that basic rules of a city, state and federal government are written to operate for the function of a government but rules of life should be based on “ liberty “ and cannot be bound into a time capsule .

Human development cannot be restricted by a contract or a constitution because conditions keep changing along with new problems, new technology and knowledge. Thus, the rules that we obey in America are written in black on white paper and constantly getting amendment on top of the amendment is a huge documentary of the stone age.

My brain kept asking me the same question, if British do not have a constitution the idea of theory and practice does not work. , while I was sitting in the train from London to Manchester, asked the English Gentleman who seemed to be well educated about the question of the constitution Mr. John Cromwell replied that the British Constitution is a Parliamentary indeed it is written and keep changing for thousands of years we just do not amend it to save energy and time. The answer cleared my confusion that the British have a constitution.

The five hours journey went by quick with Mr. John Cromwell who works as an advertising salesperson for a London based newspaper. Our conversation continued for an hour until dinner arrived. Cromwell soft spoken very polite person whose personal idea of constitution is simple and similar to the young Americans that it should be limited to the basic rules to run government not the daily life the word he commonly used in his conversation was “flexibility “of laws.

The beauty of British Parliamentary system is that the law of 1911 and 1949 allows members of Parliament to bend the House of Lords and House of Common to adopt change in civil and criminal matters to make life easy based on no law is more fundamental than individual liberty and freedom. Unfortunately is opposite in America after any crisis or at the time of stress things get more complicated in the House and the Senate usually new law on top of the old one complicates justice.

Perhaps if I remember the British petition of right and the bill of rights and comparing them between king John Lockland and Queen Isabella response at the time of stress and crisis. King John was a very intelligent man who set the foundation of the British law for the first time certain basic rights were recognized for the common people in the year 1215 and here we are in America after almost 1000 years from the British bill of rights arguing the Patriot Act of 2001 is unconstitutional.

It was interesting to understand that in British history meetings were held by the kings with philosophers, poets and intelligence intellectuals to improve laws and conditions of the citizens afterward meeting were turned into conventions just for the argument of the issue to study theory and practice Perhaps cause and effect. The cause was conventions and effect laws of the constitution. Over time a system was developed.

(b) The conventions of the constitution.

(a) The law of the constitution.

The distinction between the two does not lie in the written nature of the first and the unwritten character of the second; the real beauty of the unwritten part of constitution is that its power vested on the judicial court of the country to recognize and enforce only the constitution the convention part is not recognized.

In simple words people wish for the constitution with flexibility. It is unitary and parliamentary for the Rule of law, which is the most important principle of liberty. British do have many statutes or acts of parliament passed from time to time and deal significantly with the constitution matters the most popular ones are the act of Habeas Corpus of 1679. The settlement act of 1701 , the reform acts of 1832, 1867, 1884, 1918, 1928 perhaps some are executive Bill by the Crown to override laws to maintain justice and power. The modern politicians are pushing the Great Reform Act to enhance democracy and now am watching the British Parliament in stress condition with the Brexit debate that has reached a new and dizzying level of bizarreness by new lawmakers.

British Judiciary plays an important charter by interpreting constitution, statutes, common laws and agreements. Common law is another important source of the constitution, the original law of the land, which represented sovereignty of King and Queen although time has changed but the majority of British constitution based on common law. The reason I picked British constitution and law to compare with other democracies around the globe just because British have one of the oldest and most advanced systems of government Perhaps the reason of advancement is that the Queen and the people do not have much faith in abstracted theories, they are naturalists and realists for liberties . British Leadership believes in the trial and error method and open to debates and arguments when making a law in the form of convention that allows plenty of time for experiment if the experience suggests that a certain convention needs to be modified its easily changed and embodied in a statutes afterward.

British are very bright because they are willing to change with the time and much credit goes to the parliamentary process, the Queen, the Prime Minister, House of Common, House of Lords perhaps the public wishes is a democracy which takes a long time to produce fruit of knowledge.

Two major political parties have always been in the United Kingdom and the United States in one form or the other with different names. Before the war of Independence in America, there were the Loyalists and the Patriots. The Loyalists were loyal to the British crown, became property owners, and later worked for independence with the Patriots. After the independence of the United States of America, the old ideology disappeared and two new parties emerged. The Federalist and the anti-federalist. Those who supported a strong central government called themselves Federalist “ the Republican Party “ and those who supported the strong state government called themselves Anti-Federalist which are the Democratic Party .

Therefore, to-day Augusta, 11 2020 in the United States there are only two privileged parties. There are other small ideologies but unfortunately in the violations of either Federal or the State Elections Enforcement Commission. The People’s Party of Connecticut is also in violation of an unknown law, which controls party member’s financial condition and movements. Therefore, my struggle will continue to enhance and upgrade the system of justice and freedom.

Grappling with the scope of the constitutions, charters and laws of many nations, Switzerland laws are interesting to grapple with. Switzerland is the heart of Europe. Its constitution deserves special study because it is the brain of democracy because no other nation on earth has as many democratic institutions then Switzerland. In spite of diversities of religion, language, culture Swiss are a United in regards to democratic values and freedom. This shows that differences of religion, color, culture, language cannot prevent people leading a peaceful and harmonious life. This is the only country that has established a system of Plural executive. This implies that in Switzerland the executive power is not concentrated in the hands of one individual like in many nations. A plural or collegiate executive is a Nobel feature of the Switzerland Constitution that inspired me the most. Let me explain in detail how Switzerland’s constitution works. It is a written documentary.

Switzerland is governed according to the fundamental law of 1848 and first revision was done in 1874, it is bigger than the American constitution because many parts of the constitution deal with non- constitutional matters such as fishing, hunting, and control of conditions, which are general nature matters. Switzerland constitution is also rigged one like American and not easy to amend by an easy process Perhaps better than many nations because it’s based on a referendum from the people themselves and referendum is done when the majority of people agree as well as by the legislature when an issue arises. Switzerland has eight political parties the President and the Vice President are elected for a term of one year.

Switzerland’s constitution is like the American constitution in character based on federal language and only a nation in the world possesses a system of Plural executive. The federal Council (the CEOs) not one but seven CEOs who are elected by the federal legislature for a term of four years with supreme executive power.

Switzerland’s government system does not have the Prime Minister but the President of the council with almost equal power of CEOs the beauty is the President is elected for one year by the federal legislature. The council can introduce Bills in the legislature Perhaps members of the federal council cannot vote in the legislature to keep the balance. The council is responsible to the legislature and it cannot resign when its policies and actions are rejected by the legislature therefore combination of responsibility and permanence makes the executive efficient and stable system of democracy.

Switzerland’s constitution supports initiative, referendum, and I believe this makes Switzerland standout for the people by the people for freedom. Initiative enables people to place on the statute the law book as they desire the law should. Perhaps referendum enables them to reject those laws, which are old, detrimental to their interests, referendum is a shield with which the people cut off undesirable legislation and initiative is a sword with which the people cut the way for the enactment of their own ideas into laws.

Since I lived in many countries to observe the voting process and present conditions for human fealty. I believe the future of humanity lays in the system that give power to truth and justice. In advanced civilizations, knowledge and technology are the future to vote from their cell phone, computer, home television to control absentee ballot frauds. Every citizen should be part of every bill that goes through from municipality’s level to all the way to the House of Senate and the Parliament just by clicking on the yea or nay by referendum.

Someone may wonder why Switzerland’s constitution is better than many nations just because its power vested to people and two important elements are the referendum and the initiative are extremely intelligent elements for a republic and a democracy.

Switzerland’s constitution does not have any diplomatic bill of rights like one in British, American, Russian, japan and Pakistan. Perhaps a constitution that doesn’t mean people are not free they enjoy more freedom because the constitution guarantees a referendum and initiates the two edged sword that provides equality before the law , freedom of the press , freedom of association and freedom of the opinion it’s government by the people not government for the people.

Switzerland constitution Article 49 guarantees them freedom of conscience and religion and under Article 56, they are giving; the freedom to form associations and intelligence is that the four languages are legally used in the matter of legal government documents German, French, Italian and English.

In the United States Supreme Court, justices are the guardian angels of the constitution who barely follow through the English if not spelled clearly in the constitution. I was arguing with five judges in CHRO case Docket NO. HHB-CV-11-5015298S on June 23 2011 that the 2nd Amendment needs to be upgraded to safe lives according to the time Justices did not agree.

Switzerland Federal Tribunal is the highest court in Switzerland; it cannot declare a Federal law unconstitutional that makes life easy and save lives in the matter of conflict. People amend law by referendum and it changes the old law as needed, however the federal tribunal can declare a cantonal law unconstitutional unless it clashes with any federal law.

Switzerland constitution has special features for its plural executive, which is a different blend of the Indian, American, Russian, Italian, German, Brazilian and British system Perhaps democracy is the pillar of humanity in the Switzerland constitution.

Republicanism is shown in the lawmaking process by caring for diversities and languages on the international level despite the size of the Confederation “and sometimes “federation “to me it’s an advanced democracy. Switzerland’s constitution clearly imposed a number of restrictions on both Center Government and Cantons especially on the matter of Individual freedom. Switzerland is like American style Republic with an easy system of revision and amendment of constitution with referendum. Switzerland’s federal system is like the American style and system.

Switzerland’s federal system contains two lists of power: the federal list and the concurrent list here we do not have concurrent power according to the United States constitution. The power of democracy is vested in the seven CEOs to control abuse of power is an excellent ideology and the federal council is elected by the federal assembly for a term of four years. All members have to disclose business interests as well as all assists before and after from either chamber to control political corruption.

The constitution clearly indicates that not more than one member of the federal council is chosen from the same canton and must be from different political idealism to represent the true spirit of democracy. The seven members can rotate to become the President or the Vice President only for one year with referendum and the President power is equal to seven members, which makes executive power neither the Presidential or Parliamentary. The Switzerland judiciary is the guardian of the constitution and decides all disputes and the federal assembly elects judges for six-year terms.

In our country, the Supreme Court appoints the President with the consent appoints nine judges for life while average developed democracies have fourth and more judges. Perhaps Switzerland has an excellent system of government, which represents many different languages, religions and political ideologies without major conflicts.

Therefore, highlight India’s “Bharat “system of government. India is a democratic republic. The present constitution of India was framed by the constitution assembly which was established in accordance with the Cabinet Mission Plan the same ideology as what we have in America constituents assembly. In fact American model is used in many nations using representatives of the people much credit goes to the British Crown in fact Indians were not given the right to frame their own destination in 1874 to 1935 the British Parliament passed many Acts to regulate the government of India. In 1938 Gentleman named Mr. Jawaharlal Lal clearly wrote that the national congress stands for independence and a democratic state and constitution of free India must be without outside interference based on democratic way and there is no other way.

The constituent assembly set up under the provisions of the cabinet mission plan consisted of 385 members in which 292 from British India and 93 from the Bharat. The assembly met on December 9th1946 the members of Muslim League did not attend its meeting they asked for two separate constituent assemblies one for India and other for Pakistan. My great grandfather and grandfather were active member’s part of Muslim League. The constituent assembly was not able to make any progress in the making of constitution in the meantime situation in India got worse and worse. The Congress was compelled to accept the partition of India in accordance with Lord Mount Batten plan submitted on July 11th. On 14 August 1947, Pakistan becomes independent separated and on 15 August 1947, India became independent and constituent assembly becomes sovereign body of 300 members.

Dr. Rajendra Prasad was the President of the assembly and a drafting committee under Dr. Ambedkar was ready to submit its draft in February 1948 the draft consisting of 315 articles along with 13 schedules became the constitution on November 26th 1949. Some provisions of the constitution did get immediate authority. The rest was operational on January 26 1950. The first amendment act passed in 1951 the second in 1952 the third in 1954 and continues as of today Aug 11, 2020. It is the biggest constituent in the world in order to understand complete understanding of India’s constitution one must study Judicial interpretations. In the constitution most of the power vested in the executive branch of the president. In constitution, “Hindus” meant to cover persons professing Sikh, Jain and Buddhist religion.

India is Republic because in the constitution it does not recognize any King or Queen as her head. The people elect the president for a period of five years. India is a democratic nation because the people have the rights to appoint control or dismiss a Government. Sovereignty belongs to the people of India. India no longer owes allegiance to the British Monarchy, though according to my understanding India is still a member of the commonwealth. A significant feature of the Indian constitution is the provision concerning fundamental rights; these rights are the very essence of a democratic form of government. They called fundamental rights because without them an individual cannot attain his full moral and spiritual stature. The fundamental rights of the Indian citizens are under seven categories. Right to equality , right to freedom, right to freedom of religion, right to property, right against exploitation, cultural and educational rights, and right to constitutional remedies.

Besides the fundamental rights of Indian citizens, the directive principles are by the Sovereign constituent assembly for the guidance of governmental authorities. It is a huge documentary it is essentially federal in structure and has all the basic features of a federation. Power distributed between the central and the states and Supreme Court, which acts as the interpreter and guardian of the constitution. The Indian Constitution, the eighth schedule includes the recognition of 22 languages and fundamental right guaranteed by Article 25-28 of the Constitution of India. Every citizen of India has a right to practice and promote his or her religion peacefully. Indian constitution it is “Bhāratīya Saṃvidhāna “. At present there are constitution contains, 448 articles in 25 parts, 12 schedules, 5 appendices and 98 amendments. India takes place within the framework of its constitution. a federal parliamentary democratic republic in which the President of India is the head of state and the Prime Minister of India is the head of government called “ Lok Sabha “ India is the world’s largest democracy on the planet .

Well am an Uneducated American with a mission to make America the world’s best democracy to enhance justice, freedom and knowledge which is only possible with change. Human development is possible only by fair representation of minorities, individual right to vote, diversity of cultures, colors, religion and Justice.

Racial gerrymandering and freedom of social media and technology is extremely important to-reach common people. An advanced democracy is the opinion and wishes of people.

Political parties are necessary in a democracy otherwise public opinion cannot be organized and expressed . Human activities cannot be efficient without organization and leadership, whether it be a family of two members , a factory of three employees, army, or state. Perhaps Some form of direction is always needed to be efficient. America is known for its two party system in which almost all active members have decent jobs based on party affiliation .

How could a minor new political ideology survive in the environment in which our businesses are shut down ,our properties are taken, fraudulently using our credit and monies , mortgages are increased without notice, forced to sign acts. Warrants are issued by the IRS or any government department who doesn’t like diversity. It’s extremely difficult to sustain party members and to add new members to raise party funds to select suitable members for party positions election to formulate policies and programs and launch propaganda campaigns.

Our library meetings are done out of State or even sometimes overseas because of fear of losing jobs and freedom. The People Party of Connecticut is the mere consequence of a minority who barely comprehends the complex system and rules of campaign finance laws, the law that allows who can and can’t go to the Office of the Secretary of the State in Connecticut to submit documents. laws attempting to get involved in State and municipal politics in an effort to branch out. We regret not acquiring a better understanding of the rules/regulations state by state and city by city. However, new immigrants whom first have to struggled with English would not be part of democratic process unless given opportunities, We have to say that the political sphere, even at the municipal level, is designed so its easily accessible only to those who reap the benefits of being born and raised in this country and part of Republicans and Democrats families. When people like us choose to get involved and create a political party they struggle and at the first opportunity are hit with fines , tickets, bills for breaking a law they barely understood or even knew existed.

We wish to run in the elections again in 2020 and like the support of common Americans . As a minority to enhance democracy for human fealty to enhance justice worldwide from the offspring of corrupted politicians . Perhaps it is time to reevaluate moral and political philosophy of Democracy and supreme purpose of American freedom. EA784C50-FE19-4484-8902-15114332FF42

Written by Ajmal Mehdi
The people party of Connecticut
Mehdi LLC — with Hassan Afzal and 65 others.

The Election Commission

The Election Commission

We Independents stand out from partisans in several important ways to enhance America’s democratic values..

We are political activists, environmentalists, advocates for social justice and human rights Perhaps regular citizens.

Our library meeting were held out of State because of fear of losing freedom. We have to say that the political sphere, even at the lowest level, is designed only for those who reap the benefits of being part of Republicans and Democrats families.

When people like us choose to get involved and create political party they struggle and at the first opportunity are hit with fines , tickets, bills for breaking a law they barely understood or even knew existed before 2012 elections. Our incomes are controlled, businesses are forced closed, opportunities are blacked . How could a minor political party be able organize petition drive and inform citizens vote for independent or minor political parties to enhance democracy.

The State election Commission should serve as an important arbiter to encourage minorities to participate in civic duty by getting them involve in the elections , by making laws to encourage people not to fear from pre-existing parties and individuals who are privileged and have enough power to create conditions that can force individual and minorities out of businesses, Job opportunities, and could go as far as making you move out of state, the new generation of diverse Americans wants to see change the Elections Enforcement Commission should encourage the young generation to join the democratic process, the pre-existing parties have too much power and that sometimes can be abused upon. Any small business man would usually never take a risk like we did and end up losing business, source of income, and Job opportunities, however we would not give up ringing the bell for freedom and justice .

How could a minor political ideology would survive in the environment to sustain party members and to add new members to raise party funds to select suitable members for party positions election to formulate policies and programmes and launch propaganda campaigns.

The people party will submit the paperwork for the voter registrar officer for this coming municipality Election and request the citizens to understand in order to control the future that every voter registrar office should be run by an independent to secure democracy and trust.

The people party of Connecticut




It was a simple idea on June 1, 2009, after recovering from the 9|11 tragedy and the Patriot Act virus that destroyed Bristol Fashions LLC and LUCKY,S STORES. The City government did not recognize the unjust way the business was destroyed and put us into hardships. The new idea based on technology was a new dream that made us forget what happened to move forward in a new direction.

The idea was requesting a ride from your phone and computer but the Connecticut Department of Transportation argument was based on territorial matters, that old established companies had bought the territories of America They didn’t care about witnesses who complained about long waits in the cold winter for work, doctors appointments, and other reasons. Uber wasn’t established until 2009 in California Perhaps some States are business friendly according to the time and technology and appreciates new ideas of businesses .

The territorial idea of business operations destroys competition and leaves only preexisting businesses to survive and prosper. Perhaps the government has no business to get involved in businesses, but they also have no right to destroy them based on laws and regulations and basis because of political and religious afflictions of independent businesses . This corona virus have effected millions of small businesses which will not be easy to reestablish the same stream we were at. The suffering is for individual small businesses and families who are not part of a bigger network or franchise, usually any incentive that comes from a disaster usually goes to the owner of the franchise. That must change to help those who are directly behind the counter.

The government should business owners who are not only keeping the Main Street busy, but also providing business to Vendors, insurance, power companies , landlords, and keeping the cash flow into the hands of poor people. Our retail store was forced closed to discourage our political ideology. For the last 20 years, surviving in small businesses is not easy in America, most of the times it’s worse than gambling when Local, State Government, IRS, banks, and insurance companies do not help the new idea to have a chance to establish.

The people Party of Connecticut
Written by Ajmal Mehdi

Sovereign immunity Vs. Minority Rights

The Sovereign Immunity Vs. Minorities

Democracy has certain rules of interpretation for the proper understanding of all its legal and illegal instruments. These basic rules are established according to the nation’s understanding of democracy. Perhaps they are simple, common rules such that you, my reader, and I can understand and apply, without having to study the law. As our constitution holds that every American citizen has a right to form an opinion and propagate that opinion and to utilize all honorable means to make his opinion the prevailing one.
Without this basic right, the liberty of an American citizen would be as insecure as that of a prisoner. Now take the constitution according to its plain reading and I defy the presentation of the anti human rights clause in the FTCA which authorizes plaintiffs to obtain justice from the Government for the torts of its officials . Thus to the sovereign immunity a legal doctrine that prohibits minority citizens from having a sovereign state into court without the blessing of the Republicans and the Democrats who are responsible for making and passing the law. A law that created fear by the undercover agents. Same members of Congress who authored the Patriot Act 2001 have proposed legislation to modify the FTCA in various respects, such as by broadening the circumstances in which a plaintiff may hold the United States liable for torts committed by authorities . Thus to the Supreme Court Dockets 11-768 the Patriot Act which only violated the rights of the minorities.

American democracy had become a boy who had no home. His parents are dead and his country would not care for him due to his pigment and religion . In order to survive he made a bower of branches for an abiding place and hunted for food. He had no clothing and that showed him as being very ragged and dirty. When privileged members of democracy passed by holding their noses he noted the jealousies from the good looking faces and decided to go away from his tormentors and become a great hunter. One night he found a canoe. He had never seen this canoe before so he jumped in it. Stepping in he grasped the paddle and pushed. Suddenly, the canoe shot into the air and he paddled above the clouds and under the moon. For a long time he went eastward and soon the canoe dropped into a river and then the boy paddled for the shore.
On this side of the river there was a great cliff that had a colorful face which looked like a man. It was at the fork of the river where this cliff stood. The boy decided to make his home on the top of the cliff so he climbed it and built a cabin. The first night there was a full moon and while he sat on the edge of the cliff he heard a voice saying ‘give me some water.’
Looking around the boy seeing no one replied ‘Why should I give you water?’

There was no answer and the boy began to fix his arrows for the next morning hunt.
After a while the voice spoke again ‘Give me some water’ and the boy took some water and threw it over the cliff the voice said ‘Now I’ll tell you a story.’
Feeling happy awaited the boy listened to a story that seemed to come directly out from trees on the cliff. Finally the voice paused because the story had ended. Then it spoke again saying it shall be the custom hereafter to present me with a small gift for my stories. So the boy gave the trees more water for another story.
The next morning the boy hunted and caught a great number of fishes and birds for food. He made soup and smoked the fish. The smell of the smoked fish went far into the valley and an old man who was hungry followed the smell and came to the boy for food. First the boy was scared of the old man who wore a white yamaka ( white hat) but then realized that the old man was hungry and wanted to eat so the boy offered him seven small smoked fishes and a bowl of soup. The old man said to the boy I have nothing to offer you but my blessing with my yamaka ( white hate) and a rosary to remember me. The old man left the cliff after eating the food .
The boy puts the yamaka (white hate ) on his head and puts the rosary around his neck to look cool. Suddenly the voice came from the cliff ‘where is my Sadiqa ( gift)’ so the boy threw a few bowls of water toward the direction from where the voice was coming perhaps the voice started and said, hereafter when I speak announcing that I shall tell a story you must use the rosary beads by saying ” Rab-e-zidni-Ilma ” in your heart so I may know you are listening you must never fall asleep when feel dizzy you must say louder these words.’ Afterward you will give me presents and I shall be satisfied with your Sadiqa ( gift) . The next morning the boy felt better and energetic as he hunted great many fishes and a deer for food.

He skinned the deer and saved the skin. That evening he was tired, fallow sleep got up early morning, he sat on the rock next to his cabin and looked at the sunrises from the East. He wondered if his friend would speak again and while thinking he started chipping some new arrows points. Suddenly as his train of thought changed, he heard the voice ‘Give me some food not water’ now the boy threw a few hunted birds and a fish into the trees.
The story begins long into the night one wonderful tale after another flowed from the trees. The boy fell asleep by listening to the story, the next morning the boy hunted far to the East and found a small village. No one knew him but they liked his yamaka (white hate). He soon found many friends. There were some hunters who offered to teach him how to hunt big game, and they went with him to his own camp on the cliff. At night he allowed them to listen to the stories that came from the trees but he was the only one who could speak to the trees and stories began when the boy was present at the cliff. Therefore, the boy had many friends with him to hunt and spent time gaining knowledge.

He kept giving water and food to the trees to gain knowledge through stories. One day he made a new suit from the deer skin and desired to obtain decorated leather. Therefore he went to the village and found one house where a young girl lived with her parents who saw her suited for work . As soon as he knocked on the door the girl spoke up and said ‘here is your leather strips to finish the suit. I have been waiting for you to come for them.’ The mother spoke saying ‘I now perceive that my future son-in-law has passed through the door and is here.’ The boy was surprised, thought he was dreaming and punched himself. Thereafter the young lady brought bread and cup of water and asked ‘my mother greatly desires that you should marry me.’ The boy looked at the girl and very satisfied, ate the bread and drank water.

The boy stayed at the house and married the girl. Perhaps a few villagers were jealous from his yamaka (white hate) that represented knowledge and because the young man married the most beautiful girl from that village. They acted in an evil manner towards the young man and one night the bride said to her husband ‘we must go away from here the villagers will kill you because you have different religion and pigment.’ The young bride and groom arose on the cliff. Soon the trees spoke and said Life on earth is a combination of physics and chemistry that produce biological organisms. You have a good heart and an important soul from your progeny to understand journey the voice said , Soul is a ring of matter stuck in an oscillating electrical charge that keeps the senses alive and the plates of rocks underneath your feet rotate slowly, take in and excrete energy as the Sun produces oscillating electric and makes magnetic fields of positive and negative electric charge around earth to give and take matters . Day and night , man and women good and bad is based on dualism of physics , such as protons and electrons, the ring that is called soul (atoms) is made of five matters: negative electrons, neutrons, godly matter, sparks and positive protons, the combination of heaven and the earth voice paused for a minute from the thunder and lightning .

Spoke again and said the answer of your thought is hidden in gravity. It moves certain matters faster than the speed of light and responsible for making soul journeys along with the good and bad memories, neutrons are connected to the Sun fusion fields and particles of Almighty to the heavenly habitats. The Sun is responsible for increasing and reducing pressure of gravity twice a day and works as a transformer. Your earth gravity holds the clouds, trees upright and oceans balance, therefore, someone is responsible for this beautiful accident of creation through you, me and others.

Human beings are in the center of all creation to appreciate free will that blinks in the brain, heart and body from oscillating electrical charge initiated before the creation of nature.

The bride was not surprised and said this same sound told my parents about you should appear to get leather strips and marry your daughter to him.
The young man was surprised thanks to the voice that came from trees for the beautiful story . All winter long the couple stayed in the cabin on the cliff and heard all the wonder tales of human history. The young boys brain was full of stories with a lot of knowledge. As springtime came the bride said we must now go east to your own people and you should become a great man. Perhaps the boy was sad and said well in my own country am an outcast and called by many names. The bride laughed saying nevertheless we should go east. They collected a few important items the young couple seated themselves into the canoe and reached east. Together they walked to the village wearing nice clothing looking handsome. People from the village came out to see the new couple. The boy told villagers that I’m the boy whom you once were accustomed to call an outcast, aborted child because of my beliefs I have now returned again for human rights.

Covid-19 and brutal death of George Floyd devastating American public , lawmakers and government officials . According to my belief anyone who holds the authority should be held to a higher standard because at the end matter returns to the almighty lord.

The people party of Connecticut
By Ajmal Mehdi

Political Biases Impact on Minor political movement

Since 2003 I have been observing how strong the impact of political biases can be in America from a city , state and federal level. It is not only hurting American progress Perhaps it is making independent and minor political activist nervous in regards to income, education, victimization, occupational status, business opportunities , happiness and sometimes violence. All the Legal and illegal tools of federal and state courts are available for the Republicans and the Democrats to enjoy freedom of political power from appointment of judges, to the judicial decision making and litigation.
America Supposed to be the nation of laws from the judicial power without any political influence . My City, State and the Supreme Court cases I argued that defendants are very powerful City, State and federal officials who are benefiting from their positions . I am alone independent political activist and victim of discrimination because of my slogan of change for the voters registrar office’s in America for fair elections.


2012 Elections Media didn’t give any coverage of any minor and independent political candidate
Lucky’s Mini Mart was forced closed by the City Management

The United States of America

The United States of America 

Our power and influence are felt throughout the world because our domestic policy is to give people opportunities to improve their lives, respect human rights and freedom . Our foreign diplomacy is to enhance knowledge of people towards the realities of the 21st century . Perhaps America is the most influential country in the world because of our music, movies, food, fashion and breaking news yet we have serious problems from our political gridlock which has hijacked the most important goals of domestic and foreign policies.

The policies that were followed at the time of Mr. Henry Kissinger helped until Ms. Madeleine Albright . The leadership from both sides used undiplomatic gestures to turn the domestic and foreign matters into crisis after crises. Last December 2019 the Covid 19 made it very clear that we must reshape our future strategy to deal with the realities by holding the values and principles of democracy. 

“ America’s purpose and creed is in domestic unity and for the future diplomacy “

I am not the Republican or the Democrats Perhaps what is right for America The people party of Connecticut 

By Ajmal Mehdi